Two New York City Cats Test Positive for Coronavirus

unsplash-logoYerlin Matu

Two cats from two different households in New York City have tested positive for the Coronavirus COVID-19.

This news makes cats the first two housesits to test positive for the coronavirus in the United States.

According to CNN, two pets exhibited mild respiratory symptoms before being tested and are expected to make a full recovery. This news comes after, a tiger and lion at the Bronx Zoo also tested positive for the virus.

Currently, it is unclear where one of the cats contracted the virus’ while it is possible the cat got the virus from someone in the household who did not have symptoms.

The CDC says there is little evidence to suggest pets can infect humans at this time, despite a few cases of person-to-animal infections. However, it is possibly a good idea to watch where your pets go when they are not in your house. The CDC recommendation is that cats should be kept indoors as much as possible, and your pets should remain 6 feet away from others and refrain from spending time with people or other pets outside of your contact group.

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