Entertainment News'Joker' Director Reveals What Happened to Zazie Beetz's Character Sophie

‘Joker’ Director Reveals What Happened to Zazie Beetz’s Character Sophie


Joker’ fans continue to break down the movie, and many fans are still wondering what happened to Zazie Beetz’s character, Sophie.

Without ruining the ending, her ending is left open to the audience’s interpretation in the final cut of the movie. But now the movie’s director, Todd Phillips, has provided a definite answer as to what happened to Sophie.

The last time Beetz’s character is seen on the screen is when she steps into her living room after putting her daughter to bed, only to find Arthur Fleck sitting on the couch. It is then revealed that the romantic relationships shared between the two were all in Arthur’s head. Sophie then asks Arthur to leave them alone and not hurt her daughter. Arthur is seen leaving the room, but because the movie never shows what happens to Sophie, leaving many to wonder if Arthur may have killed her.

In an interview with IndieWire, Phillips says she lives:

“He doesn’t kill her. Definitively. As the filmmaker and the writer, I’m saying he doesn’t kill her. We like the idea that it’s almost like a little bit of a litmus test for an audience to say, ‘OK, well how crazy is he?’ And most people that I’ve spoken to think he didn’t kill her because they understand this idea that he’s only killed people that did him wrong, so to speak. That has fucked him over. She had nothing to do with it. Most people understood that he was living by – even as a villain – a certain code. We thought when he kisses Gary on the head, the little actor, and he runs off, he clearly has a code he lives by. Of course, he didn’t kill this woman down the hall and her child.”

Todd Phillips goes on to reveal he cut a scene that shows Sophie watching Murray Franklin episode with Joker as a guest. He removed it in the final edit because the entire movie told through Arthur’s perspective and he did not want that to change in that scene.

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