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President Trump Held a ‘Joker’ Screening at the White House and Liked It (Report)

President Donald Trump reportedly enjoyed the 'Joker' movie. Over the weekend, CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz tweeted President Donald Trump hosted a screening of the box office hit movie ‘Joker’ on Saturday. Yahoo! News followed up on...
Joaquin Phoenix

Here’s How Much Joaquin Phoenix Made for ‘Joker’

Joaquin Phoenix made $4.5 million for his role in ‘Joker.’ ‘Joker’s R-rated storyline made it an international box-office hit. The movie would end up making a billion dollars in the box office. But, according to...

‘Joker’ Director Reveals What Happened to Zazie Beetz’s Character Sophie

‘Joker’ fans continue to break down the movie, and many fans are still wondering what happened to Zazie Beetz’s character, Sophie. Without ruining the ending, her ending is left open to the audience’s interpretation in...

‘Joker’: 3 Scenes You Did Not Know Joaquin Phoenix Improvised

Here are 3 scenes you did not know Joaquin Phoenix improvised for 'Joker'. ‘Joker’ is one of the greatest movies of 2019 and Joaquin Phoenix is relishing the recognition for his execution in the DC...

‘Joker’ Stairs Have Become a Major Tourist Attraction

The stairs featured in the 'Joker' is now a popular tourist attraction. As we previously reported, ‘Joker’ is Warner Bros.'s highest grossing 2019 film. Now, it seems the stairs featured int he movie have become...
Jared Leto

Jared Leto Tried to Stop Production of ‘Joker’ (REPORT)

Actor Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) reportedly tried to stop production of Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker.' According to multiple news reports, Jared Leto allegedly tried to shut down the production of Warner Bros’ Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker.’ The actor was...

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