'Gifted' Starring Chris Evans To Film in Savannah, Georgia

Chis Evans is headed to Savannah, Georgia to film his new movie Gifted

'Gifted' starring Chris Evans will film in Savannah, Georgia. After playing Captain America in the upcoming Captain America: Civil WarChris Evans is working on his next production, Gifted.  According to the Savannah Film Commision Chris Evans' new movie 'Gifted' will start filming in Savannah, Georgia this fall. Chris-Evans-Captain-America-The-Avengers-movie-image-2 According to Variety, Gifted centers around a man who sues for custody of his gifted niece. Gifted is directed by Marc Webb, the director behind The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Even though Chris Evans is known for playing Captain America in the Marvel universe, the actor has chosen to play more dramatic roles lately. He recently starred and made his directorial debut in the Sundance drama Before We Go opposite Alice Eve. Chris Evans also appeared in the critically successful action thriller Snowpiercer.  Chris Evans

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