Anthony Mackie Says Marvel Needs to Work on Diversity On Set

Anthony Mackie The Banker

Anthony Mackie attends the European film premiere of 'Captain America: Civil War' at Vue Westfield on April 26, 2016 in London, England (BAKOUNINE /

Anthony Mackie, the actor who plays Falcon in several Marvel movies reveals in an interview that Marvel movies all have had a white production crew and the company needs to work on diversity.

Anthony Mackie recently opened up about his experiences playing Falcon in Marvel movies. During an interview with Daveed Diggs for Variety's Actors on Actor, Mackie discussed how the Black Lives Matter movement is putting a spotlight on diversity in Hollywood.
In relevant news, Disney and Marvel’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ TV series will reportedly start shooting in Atlanta, Georgia this August 2020.

If all goes well with Georgia’s reopening process amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, Disney’s ‘Ms. Marvel’s TV series will start production this August 2020.

According to reports, the show will center around Marvel’s first Muslim superhero. Ms. Marvel is a comic hero and has existed since 1976 with the character Carol Danvers. The latest version and the one the show will focus on is a Muslim teenager named Pamela Khan. Khan became Marvel’s first Muslim character to lead in her own comic book series. Her identity is Pakistani American and she lives in a religious family in New Jersey. The show will reportedly center around her trying to find her identity and her powers are described as having the ability to stretch and change shape. This series is supposed to be a series for Disney+.

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