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Chris Rock

Chris Rock Addresses President Trump, Racism, and Coronavirus

In an interview with the New York Times, Chris Rock discussed everything for President Trump to the killing of George Floyd. Rock recently performed standup for a socially distant audience as part of Dave Chappelle’s...

John Boyega Calls Disney Out for Pushing ‘Star Wars’ Black Role Aside

John Boyega calls Star Wars out for marketing a Black character to only push them out. The latest Star Wars trilogy has come under fire since the franchise debuted. One of those people upset with...
Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer on Hollywood: “I haven’t gotten paid what I feel I deserve”

Octavia Spencer on Black Lives Matter, Hollywood, and getting paid what she deserves. Octavia Spencer, 48, won an Oscar in 2012 and nominated twice since then. She has also won a Golden Globe award, several...
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is Now Looking for Aspiring Filmmakers

Ryan Reynolds is using his celebrity status to create an on-set film production diversity program for marginalized communities. The “Deadpool” actor announced plans on Friday for the Group Effort Initiative, which will recruit 10 to...
Variety Representvideo

Black Actors Reveal The Struggles with Portraying Black Trauma

Actors Aldis Hodge, Jay Pharoah, Algee Smith, Derek Luke and Chris Chalk discussing being a Black actor in Hollywood Hollywood is facing a major change when it comes to racial representation both in front and...
Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick Signs Major Deal with Disney

Colin Kaepernick signs a first-look overall deal with Disney through his Ra Vision Media company. According to reports, the partnership will focus on content that discusses race, social justice, and equality. It will become a...

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