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Revival of Rom-Coms: Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Energize Genre With ‘Anyone But You’


Key Takeaways:

– Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney rekindle the romantic comedy genre with their film “Anyone But You”
– The movie outperformed expectations, grossing over $219 million against a $25 million budget
– Despite being offered more profitable streaming , the actors opted for a theatrical release to ensure a cultural impact

The Resurgence of Rom-Coms

The romantic comedy genre, which had become trifling, experienced a revival thanks to Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in the movie “Anyone But You”. In an industry currently dominated by superhero and blockbuster franchises, the couple's on-screen chemistry and strategic positioning lured back to the romance-infused comedy genre.

Romantic Comedy's Promising Comeback

In an interview with The Hollywood , Powell discussed the risky decision he and co-star Sweeney made to release the film in theaters. While they received enticing offers from numerous streaming platforms, they believed a cinematic release would create a greater cultural impact.

“At the time, romantic comedies weren't 's first choice when visiting . It was indeed a considerable risk,” noted Powell. But, despite the skepticism, they sensed a yearning among audiences for a simple, heart-warming story.

Set against the backdrop of streaming platforms claiming that rom-coms were no longer viable in theaters, the pair decided to take a gamble. Their goal was ambitious – they aimed to bring the romance-comedy genre back into the mainstream.

Success Against All Odds

Their gamble paid off. Defying skeptics, “Anyone But You” grossed over $219 million against a meager $25 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo. The film, loosely inspired by Shakespeare's “Much Ado About Nothing”, also enjoyed a positive response from critics, reaching an audience score of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In an industry strategy session, Powell stated that he and Sweeney deliberated over how they could get people back into theaters. “How do you create an event and also provide a meaningful experience?” they asked themselves. The duo made headlines off-screen, thereby creating the much-needed buzz to sell .

Before the Rom-Com Revival

Before Powell and Sweeney's successful rekindling of the rom-com genre, actor managed a similar feat with the western movie genre. Known for his work in Taylor Sheridan's “Yellowstone”, Costner has always held a fondness for this classic genre. In a Role Recall interview with Yahoo , he expressed his lifelong passion.

Having grown up watching John Wayne with his father, Costner's love for westerns was innate. Despite financial struggles, Costner committed to keeping the classic genre alive, even funding his own projects, such as the four-part epic film series, “Horizon: An American Saga”.

Now Streaming

After its successful theatrical run, “Anyone But You” is currently streaming on Netflix. Powell and Sweeney's successful revival of the rom-com genre has certainly set a precedent in modern cinema, proving that with the right chemistry and strategy, even considered-dead genres can be revived.

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