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Steven Spielberg Remains Unfazed by Box Office Flops, Believes “Certain Movies Stand the Test of Time”


Key Takeaways:

– Despite encountering failures like Amistad, remains resilient, believing in the timelessness of some .
– He shared his views during an interview with Time Magazine.
– The 1997 Amistad underperformed at the box office earning only $58.3 million, against a budget of $36 million.
– Despite negative reviews, the film received a 7.3/10 rating on and a 78% on .
– Spielberg emphasized that the poor box office performance of select films does not deter him from his passion for directing.

Steven Spielberg's Resilience Despite Film Flops

Acclaimed Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg, has an impressive repertoire of blockbuster releases that include and Schindler's List. But even luminaries like him encounter occasional disappointments. Notably, back in 1997, Amistad, a film where Spielberg worked with veteran actors Morgan Freeman, , and Matthew McConaughey fell short at the box office. Despite the setback, Spielberg remains unflustered. In an interview with Time Magazine, the stalwart echoed his belief that “certain can stand the test of time.”

Box Office Performance Vs. Cinematic Value

Amistad's underwhelming performance at the box office is notable. The film, which had a budget of approximately $36 million, only grossed $58.3 million globally. Its earnings are certainly not indicative of the robust plot, featuring an ensemble cast and a complex narrative.

The cast's stellar performance, combined with Spielberg's unparalleled vision, should have qualified it for box office success. Instead, the film languished at the ticket counters. However, the storyline of Amistad has since been touted as iconic, proving that financial returns aren't the exclusive gauge of a movie's appeal.

Explicit content in Amistad

Another element working against Amistad was its despite its R-rating due to its graphic and brutal nature. This factor could have potentially steered away a chunk of its younger . Spielberg confessed that he himself prevented his kids from viewing the more graphic scenes, leaving only the legal components, which led them to walk out of the movie, considering it boring.

Still, despite such and critical reviews, Amistad managed to score a respectable 7.3/10 on IMDB and an impressive 78% on Rotten Tomatoes, suggesting the film's true value far exceeded its commercial reception.

Spielberg's Passion for Directing Unfazed by Flops

The key takeaway from Spielberg's standpoint is his unwavering passion for filmmaking. Despite box office flops, his love for cinema remains unaffected. The fate of Amistad hasn't deterred him from continuing to make movies that he believes will stand the test of time. Instead, Spielberg sees such experiences as tests of his mettle as a filmmaker.

It goes to show that an artist's true measure lies in their persistent dedication and the ability to weather challenges. With the reassurance that even veteran directors like Steven Spielberg encounter both successes and failures, it serves as an encouragement for emerging talent to embrace all aspects of their journey in the world of cinema.

Amistad is now available to stream on Paramount+ in the U.S, allowing viewers to experience this underrated classic from Spielberg's cinematic archive.

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