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George Lucas’ Darker Tone in Temple of Doom: A Game-Changer for Indiana Jones Franchise


Key Takeaways:
– The Indiana Jones saga adopted a darker tone in The Temple of Doom, akin to ' Wars trilogy.
– Despite initial skepticism, the darker tone contributed to the financial success and fan affinity of the Indiana Jones .
– This shift in tone allowed for a fresher creative approach, thereby revamping the franchise.

From Star Wars to Indiana Jones

George Lucas, primarily known for launching the globally acclaimed Star Wars franchise in 1977, further cemented his standing by creating the Indiana Jones series in 1977. After their initial success, Lucas along with , embarked on the sequel, Temple of Doom. The new inclusion showcased a significant shift in tone, drawing parallels with the darker disposition of Lucas' Star Wars sequel, setting an intriguing precedent.

The Darker Undertone of Temple of Doom

Released in May 1984, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom directed by Spielberg, set itself apart with its noticeable gloomy ambiance. Spielberg laid out what led to this departure, sharing that it was an attempt to reflect Lucas' personal experiences at the time.

In an interview with , Spielberg said, “George was going through a dark period. He certainly inspired [Irvin] Kershner to shoot a very dark second act in the first Star Wars trilogy and he wanted the second Indiana Jones to be very, very, dark.”

Lucas' Creative Vision

Lucas' original trilogy in Star Wars saw its second installment, Empire Strikes Back, built on a starker undertone compared to its predecessor. Lucas envisioned the same for Temple of Doom, intending to portray it as the Indiana Jones counterpart of Empire Strikes Back.

The Aftermath of The Temple of Doom

Despite its grim nature, Temple of Doom managed to bask in financial success. With a worldwide grossing of $333.1 million, it was closely aligned with its predecessor's earning of $367.4 million. Although critics' responses were more guarded, the film was generally received with favor.

Over time, Temple of Doom has faced criticism for its depiction of different races, but fans largely hold the in high regard. The grim tone allowed an exploration into a new dimension of Harrison 's character, Indiana Jones, marking it as one of the stand-out films in the series.

When the series progressed to its third installment, Lucas and Spielberg opted for a return to the light-hearted aura of the first film. The result was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which saw even critical success and a global box office total of approximately $474.2 million.

Reaping the Benefits of a Star Wars-inspired Approach

Following the Star Wars tradition proved vital in refreshing the Indiana Jones franchise, allowing for constant evolution rather than sticking to a singular successful formula. Despite Spielberg's initial reservations about the grim undertone, the new approach undoubtedly breathed new into the saga, substantiating the saying that change is often a good thing.

into the future, the Indiana Jones series continues to stream on Disney+, where old fans can reminisce, and new ones can appreciate Lucas's ingenuity that paved the path for this iconic franchise.

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