11 Tips Every Actor Should Use in Order to Become Famous

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11 Things Every Actor Should Do in Order to Become Famous

Being on time is one piece of advice that can help not only actors but, models, business professionals, Wall Street stock traders, and even politicians in their everyday life. But, the key to being on time is preparation and actors can prepare by planning ahead of time.

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magicinfoto / Shutterstock.com

Michael Fassbender, the critically praised and award winning actor, says the key to his acting style, preparation and landing roles is memorizing lines. Fassbender revealed that the best way to get into character or to not make a mistake on set is to rehearse lines for hours.

Ultimately, [reparation by planning ahead typically means when someone tells you do to do something, you are ready to do it right away.

Here are 10 ways every actor should plan ahead in order to become a better actor.

  • 1. Carry enough headshot with you wherever you go.
  • 2. Make sure your headshot is attached to your resume
  • 3. The minute you walk on set, make sure to know all of your lines
  • 4. Memorize several key monologues that fit your character and the role you are auditioning for.
  • 5. Consistently bring your phone with you at all times and check your email, voicemail, and text messages hourly.
  • 6. Carry enough makeup and change of clothes for every audition you go to.
  • 7. Get plenty of rest and exercise so that you look and feel like your best at all times.
  • 8. Find the location of the studio, casting office, and actor’s training studio ahead of the time and arrive early in case of potential traffic or delays.
  • 9. Improve your acting skills by networking with a close group of other actors working on monologues and critiquing each other’s performance.
  • 10. Constantly stay up to date on social media by following casting directors, movie studios, and entertainment news in order to make sure that you know all of the industry buzz in the industry.
  • 11. Update your Instagram daily and make sure you are constantly gaining and attracting new followers.

Acting is not easy. If a casting director is interested in you and wants to see your acting range, be prepared for a cold reading or a to dish out your best monologue. In fact, be prepared to give your monologue is a noisy office or in a room full of distractions. Casting directors are interested to see not only how well you perform in front of a camera but, also under pressure.

These 11 tips will help you launch your acting career because preparation is the key to success.

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