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Looking for a Talent Agent? List of Talent Agencies in Arizona and Utah

What's the difference between an aspiring actor and a working actor? Often, just a good agent. While we can't recommend an agent for you, we can direct you to a list of SAG franchised...
Project Casting

Looking for a Talent Agent? Hutson Talent Agency

Hutson Talent Agency is a Virginia-based agency, representing both union and non-union talent.The highly-trained and experienced actors, models, singers, dancers, musicians and look-a-likes represent the finest in their respective fields. They also represent talent fluent in Spanish, as well as other...
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DNA Models – The Model Talent Agency

Only a handful of agency owners actually sit on the booking board daily, plugging away in the trenches for their models. David Bonnouvrier does this and this is an important factor. Even fewer agencies...
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Looking for a Talent Agency? Check out ‘Coastal Talent’ Agency

Coastal Talent is the premiere talent agency representing professional actors, print talent and screenwriters in the Southeast. Their actors book principal roles in film and television. Our talent can also be seen in industrial...
Project Casting

Looking for a Talent Agent? Check Out ‘Capital Artists Talent Agency’

Are you tired of looking for a Talent Agency? Are you interested in taking your career to the next level? Well many argue that the road to success is NOT made with a Talent Agency....

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