Looking for a Talent Agent? Check Out 'Capital Artists Talent Agency'

Are you tired of looking for a Talent Agency? Are you interested in taking your career to the next level? Well many argue that the road to success is NOT made with a Talent Agency. Well, it may be easier to get their when you have a good Talent Agent behind your back. One major Talent Agency that is accepting new talent is Capital Artists Talent Agency. Capital Artists Talent Agency is a full service agency representing talent of all ages from throughout the United States.  With offices in Raleigh and Wilmington, NC, we maintain a clientele of professional artists, SAG and non SAG, to provide producers and casting directors with a variety of choices for your current project. Capital Artists, Inc. of North Carolina is a talent agency that was first established in 1992 to represent professional actors who wanted to work in the southeastern market. Initially established in cooperation with a New York agency, we now maintain two full service agencies: one located in Cary, NC, right outside of Raleigh, and another in Wilmington, NC. Their clients have guest starred and been featured in major motion pictures, TV films, national and regional commercials, television series, and on Broadway. Their talent works continuously in industrial films and corporate training videoes as well as doing voice-over, jingles, and print. They maintain a professional children's division, CAI Kids, which has earned a national reputation for professional child actors some of which have gone on to work in the LA and NYC markets. They are listed with the North Carolina Film office and other local NC film commissions; through national professional publications and web sites as well as with Breakdown Service NY/LA. CAI has cast and booked talent throughout the United States and extensively in NC and other states along the Eastern Coast. A partial listing of credits is available here.

How to Submit

If you are an actor who has done significant roles in theatre productions; who has a resume including principal on-camera work and/or; who has a college degree in Acting, Theatre or related majors, they will most likely welcome your submission for representation. Before calling their office you should mail, through regular mail a headshot and resume to their Wilmington office: CAPITAL ARTISTS INC. PO BOX 15203 WILMINGTON, NC 28408 You may include in your submission package updated photos, DVD reels and any recommendation from industry professionals. PLEASE NOTE: CAI does not accept unsolicited headshots and resumes through the internet. Please include on your submission a cover letter with email contact information. This is important as once your headshot and resume are reviewed, you will be contacted via email to set up an interview and audition. Auditions and Interviews are held in both Wilmington and the RDU area. A preliminary telephone interview is scheduled prior to your audition. Your interview/audition will take aproximately one hour. During this time, you will be asked to prepare sides from recent films, do an improv scene and read cold script with another actor.


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