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Sharon Stone Shared Her ‘Basic Instinct’ Audition and We’re Going Crazy

Sharon Stone took a trip down memory lane on Wednesday and tweeted an amazing clip of her audition for Basic Instinct, the 1992 hit movie that made her a household name. In the video, Sharon...
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Sharon Stone: I was Blacklisted By Hollywood After ‘Basic Instinct’

Sharon Stone bashes Hollywood's pay gap, getting blacklisted, and working as a waitress in Hollywood. Sharon Stone is an icon in the film industry. Ever since her 1990 sci-fi thriller, Total Recall, she became an internationally recognized...
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10 Actors That Refuse To Work Together Again

Working on movies can be a stressful environment. But, when you have big egos, method actors, and serious movie scenes things can hit a tipping point. Some actors have worked together and their experience was so...

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