Entertainment NewsWhy Sharon Stone Refused to Audition for 'Casino' Until This

Why Sharon Stone Refused to Audition for ‘Casino’ Until This


Key Takeaways:

– Sharon Stone refused to audition for Robert De Niro's blockbuster film ‘Casino' until knowing the real casting choice.
– Stone's decision demonstrates the power dynamics and negotiation processes behind 's scenes.
– In a recent podcast, the star also discussed past controversies, including being asked to strip down for a Saturday Night (SNL) sketch.
– Comedian Dana Carvey apologized for the offensive 1992 SNL sketch during the podcast discussion.

The Stand-Off – Sharon Stone Refuses ‘Casino' Audition

Acclaimed actress Sharon Stone stirred up the Hollywood scene when she declined to audition for 's film Casino, alongside Robert De Niro. Stone's decision not to compete with thousands of and showgirls highlights the often overlooked negotiation and power dynamics behind the industry's glitzy facade. Her stance underlines a self-assured trust in her abilities and a desire to see real casting choices before stepping onto the audition platform.

On the ‘Fly on the Wall' podcast with comedians Dana Carvey and David Spade, Stone unveiled her reasons for her initial refusal to audition for Casino.

A Glimpse Behind the Casting Curtain

In a candid response, Stone shared her decision-making process—a move that hinted at her firm resolve and self-confidence. “I was there in Casino too…they saw every showgirl in Vegas, they saw tons and tons of actresses, by the time Casino came around, I was like, I am not gonna line up with the showgirls and I'm not gonna line up with the other 3000 actresses,” Stone stated on the podcast.

The 66-year-old actress further elaborated on her decision, noting that her was feeling manipulated by industry whims. “You get down to serious casting and I'm done being yanked around in the business and I really want this part. And I'll be right for it and when u get to real casting lemme know,” she asserted.

‘Casino' – in All Its Gory Glory

The Scorsese-directed Casino is deep-seated in the glitz and grit of Las Vegas. As the narrative follows two close allies, a casino tycoon and a mobster, vying to control the gambling landscape and win a high-flying socialite's affection, the movie portrays Las Vegas as a flashy yet city.

Dana Carvey's Apology and Accountability

Yet, Stone's audition refusal wasn't the only revelation from her podcast appearance. During the conversation, Carvey apologized for an SNL sketch from 1992 where Stone was asked to strip down by airport security, including Carvey, as an Indian guard.

Carvey conceded that the sketch was “offensive” and “so 1992,” a demonstration of comedic insensitivity that wouldn't stand today. His co-host, David Spade, called it “so offensive.”

Stone responded calmly to the apology, stating, “I know the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony, and I think that we were all committing misdemeanors [back then] because we didn't think there was something wrong then.”

Stone's experiences underscore the evolving understanding of appropriateness within the industries. Her frank revelations provide a window into the negotiation processes and the power play behind Hollywood's casting decisions—all of which emphasize the significance of self-assuredness and trust in one's capabilities.

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