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Why Johnny Knoxville Still Does His Own Stunts

Johnny Knoxville is bringing back the action and the pain in his new comedy Action Point.  In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor revealed why he still does his own stunts. Knoxville, 47, made a career out...
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Crew Member Got Arrested During the ‘Jackass’ Pilot

Johnny Knoxville meets the crew member he got arrested during the MTV Jackass pilot. It's not really surprising that Johnny Knoxville has had his run ins with the police during the early days of Jackass. They did some pretty...
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ABC’s Johnny Knoxville TV Pilot Now in Development

ABC is working on a second TV pilot for a Johnny Knoxville sitcom. Earlier this year ABC had picked up an untitled sitcom based on famous jackass Johnny Knoxville's tulmutous life, and though the network...

Johnny Knoxville Teams Up with Jackie Chan for the Action-Thriller ‘Skiptrace’

Johnny Knoxville is teaming up with Jackie Chan in the upcoming feature film 'Skiptrace'. According to reports, Johnny Knoxville has been set to star alongside Jackie Chan in the upcoming Skiptrace, a new movie that...
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Johnny Knoxville Lands a Deal of a Lifetime

Johnny Knoxville lands a huge deal with Paramount Pictures. Jackass star turned actor has been through a lot to make it in Hollywood. Aside from stunt men and women, Knoxville has been kicked in the...

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