Johnny Knoxville Lands a Deal of a Lifetime

Johnny Knoxville lands a huge deal with Paramount Pictures.

Jackass star turned actor has been through a lot to make it in Hollywood. Aside from stunt men and women, Knoxville has been kicked in the nuts, punched in the face, tasered, and laughed at the expense of our entertainment. Now after nearly twenty years of self mutilation Knoxville has landed a huge deal with Paramount. The President of Paramount FIlm Group, announced in a statement the please he has for partnering with Johnny Knoxville. “Johnny has literally put life and limb on the line to create the kind of groundbreaking comedies that audiences the world over flock to in greater and greater numbers. “With ‘Bad Grandpa,’ we saw his undying commitment to great storytelling go beyond what audiences had seen before with a more narrative style that also showcased his incredible comedic abilities. As a vital member of the Paramount family for many years now, to see him continue to evolve as a producer and actor is especially exciting and we are thrilled he will be making his home here for years to come.” Johnny Knoxville Joe Seer / Paramount has fostered the growth of Knoxville over the years. The film company picked up several "Jackass" movies that helped Knoxville and his gang of misfits earn $336 million in total box office sales. The recent surprise hit "Bad Grandpa" earned an unexpected $151 million dollars worldwide on a small $15 million production budget.

“I have many more films to make and bones to break,” Knoxville said. “I am glad I will be doing it for Paramount.”

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