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CNN is Now Hiring Production Assistants

CNN is now hiring production assistants in Atlanta, Georgia. The Coronavirus COVID-19 is destroying jobs, livelihoods, and communities. As a result, millions of Americans are turning to news outlets they trust for updates, information, and...
Warner Bros

WarnerMedia Launches $100 Million Fund for Laid Off Crew Workers

Warnermedia is pledging a $100 million in relief to those workers affected by the Coronavirus related Hollywood shutdown. WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey made the announcement on Friday via an internal memo. Stankey explains, “We have...

Looking for a Job? Turner Studios is Now Hiring

Turner Studios is now hiring a ton of job opportunities in Atlanta, Georgia. Are you looking for a job? Turner Studios is now hiring freelance talent in Atlanta, Georgia. Turner Studios is now hiring talent...

Looking for a Job? CNN is Now Hiring a ‘Fake News’ Reporter

CNN is now hiring a 'fake news' reporter Looking for a career in the media? How about working with one of the biggest news broadcasters in the world? CNN is now hiring a 'fake news'...

CNN International Korean Air Commercial Casting Call

CNN International Korean Air commercial casting call for lead roles. CNN International is now casting actors, models, and talent for a Korean Air commercial filming in South Korea. Casting directors are casting several lead roles...

Study: Only Old People Watch Cable News

According to a new study, only old people watch cable news. According to new data released by Nielsen, the number of people watching 24-hour cable news went up this year. From The New York Times, "For the...

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