Looking for a Job? CNN is Now Hiring a 'Fake News' Reporter



CNN is now hiring a 'fake news' reporter

Looking for a career in the media? How about working with one of the biggest news broadcasters in the world? CNN is now hiring a 'fake news' reporter to work and report for the company. During Donald Trump's first press conference since the election, Trump accused CNN of being "fake news". Now the company is trying to fight back at that allegation by taking steps to hire a real fake news reporter. Basically, CNN is looking for someone who can actually investigate fake news stories before they go viral. Earlier this week, CNN Media posted a job listing to hire a senior writer whose job would be to track down fake news stories. "We're going to be examining the wave of 'fake news' stories and the people behind them, but more than that we're going to be looking at truth—what happened to it, why so many of us no longer believe it, and where those people are going to get their information instead," the listing reads. Here's a job listing breakdown from CNN's website:

What will you be doing?

  • Investigating fake news, hoaxes and untruths of all kinds.
  • Debunking myths.
  • Keeping tabs on fake news stories bubbling up around the Internet, and turning around quick articles about them.
  • Following the money: who's behind the fake news? Where does it come from? Who are the advertisers?
  • Confronting the "real" media about the role it's playing.
  • Thinking creatively about what should be part of this beat and how it should be covered.
  • Collaborating with a number of other teams at CNN, including television and social discovery.

What do we need from you?

  • Ideal candidates will have 6 years of writing and reporting experience.
  • Strong interviewing and writing skills.
  • Intimate knowledge of and fascination with the parts of the Internet from which dubious news stories bubble up.
  • A passion for detailed research and fact-checking, and a high level of skill in both.
  • Knowledge of the media industry overall and the ways in which revenue can be generated.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

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