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Agency Guacamole is a company located in United States. Agency Guacamole specializes in . Some recent work includes PR/Influencer Account Director - Beauty,PR/Influencer Account Director - Beauty,PR/Influencer Account Director - Beauty.
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**This is a hybrid position based in Los Angeles or New York. Please do not apply if you do not live in those areas.**Agency Guacamole is an award-winning, LA-b...View More

**This is a hybrid position based in Los Angeles or New York. This is not a fully remote position. Please do not apply if you do not live in those areas.**Agenc...View More

Agency Guacamole is an award-winning, LA-based PR, influencer marketing and events agency. We help clients in the beauty and lifestyle space tell their stories ...View More

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In a significant milestone for NBCUniversal's streaming service, Peacock has reached 30 million paying subscribers, signaling robust growth and potential for further expansion. This achievement was announced by Comcast president Mike Cavanagh at the UBS Global Media and Communications conference. Key Takeaways: Peacock has achieved 30 million paying subscribers. The average revenue per user (ARPU) is $10 per month. NBCUniversal is focused on domestic growth for Peacock. The company received an $8.5 billion payment from Disney for Hulu. NBCUniversal positions itself as more creator-friendly than rivals. The company is exploring different strategies for incorporating IP into its theme parks. A Rapid Ascent in Streaming Peacock's subscriber count is a testament to NBCUniversal's strategic approach to streaming. With an average revenue per user (ARPU) of $10 per month, the service has established a strong foothold in the competitive streaming market. Cavanagh highlighted the service's growth, noting that it started from scratch three years ago due to changes in Hulu's ownership. Strategic Moves and Financial Windfalls In addition to subscriber growth, NBCUniversal has made significant financial gains. The company recently received an $8.5 billion payment from Disney as part of the deal for Comcast's stake in Hulu. This transaction marks a crucial step in the ongoing process to determine the final amount Disney will pay for Hulu. Creator-Friendly Approach Amidst the evolving media landscape, NBCUniversal is positioning itself as a more creator-friendly studio. This stance is seen as a subtle contrast to competitors like Disney, which focuses heavily on franchises, and Warner Bros. Discovery, known for shelving projects abruptly. Cavanagh emphasized NBCUniversal's commitment to originality and creativity, citing partnerships with renowned creators like Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, and Jordan Peele. Theme Park Strategies and M&A Prospects Cavanagh also discussed NBCUniversal's unique approach to incorporating intellectual property into its theme parks, differentiating itself from Disney's strategy. He mentioned the company's strong balance sheet and high standards for potential mergers and acquisitions, underscoring a preference for organic growth. Conclusion Peacock's subscriber milestone and NBCUniversal's strategic initiatives reflect the company's adaptability and commitment to growth in the digital era. With a focus on being creator-friendly and exploring innovative approaches in various sectors, NBCUniversal is poised for continued success in the streaming landscape. More Project Casting Entertainment News:Michael B. Jordan to Direct 'Creed IV' Michael B. Jordan is set to return as the director for the upcoming 'Creed IV', following his directorial debut with 'Creed III'. The announcement was made b... Georgia's Film and TV Industry Poised for a Comeback Post-Strike After months of halted production, Georgia's TV and film industry is gearing up for a resurgence. The conclusion of the actors' strike, following a similar reso... 'Home Improvement' Spinoff: A Possibility on the Horizon Tim Allen, the star of the beloved 1990s sitcom 'Home Improvement,' has hinted at the possibility of a spinoff in a recent interview. While promotin...
In a significant shift in the streaming industry, Netflix and Apple are exploring new bundling strategies with their competitors, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. This move marks a departure from their previous stance of operating independently in the streaming market. Key Takeaways: Verizon announced a $10 per month deal bundling the ad tiers of Netflix and Max, offering a 40% discount. Netflix, traditionally not offering discounts, seems more open to bundling after launching its ad tier. Apple TV+ is in talks with Paramount about a potential bundle, though details are unclear. Legacy media companies like Disney, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros. Discovery have been more open to bundling and discounting. The new bundles involving Netflix and Apple suggest a shift in strategy to stay competitive. A New Era in Streaming The Verizon Bundle Verizon's recent announcement of a $10 per month deal that includes the ad tiers of both Netflix and Max is a game-changer. This bundle offers a significant 40% discount compared to standard prices. It's notable because Netflix has historically not offered discounts on its plans. The deal suggests a strategic shift for Netflix, possibly influenced by the launch of its ad tier, which is generating better margins than its base ad-free tier. Apple's Potential Collaboration Apple TV+, known for its standalone approach, is reportedly in discussions with Paramount for a potential bundle. While the specifics are yet to be clarified, this move indicates Apple's willingness to explore partnerships to enhance its streaming service's growth and reduce subscriber churn. Industry-Wide Implications The streaming services from legacy media companies have long shown a willingness to bundle or discount their offerings. The Disney Bundle and Peacock's deal with Instacart+ are prime examples. However, the involvement of streaming giants like Netflix and Apple in such strategies marks a significant shift, suggesting a more collaborative approach in a highly competitive market. Conclusion As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, major players like Netflix and Apple are adapting their strategies to maintain their market positions. By exploring bundling options and partnerships, these companies are not only aiming to attract more subscribers but also to offer more value to their existing customer base. This trend towards collaboration and bundling could redefine the streaming industry's future, making it more dynamic and consumer-friendly.
James Gunn, co-head of DC Studios, has provided an exciting update on two of the most anticipated projects in the DC Universe: "Superman Legacy" and "The Brave and The Bold." As Hollywood resumes full swing post-strike, fans are eagerly awaiting details about these upcoming films, which are set to redefine Superman and Batman's cinematic journeys. Inside the Scripts "Superman Legacy" Nears Completion Gunn revealed that the script for "Superman Legacy" is nearly complete, sitting at "99.9% done." He mentioned that while small changes are still being made, the script has essentially been finished since before the strike. This update comes as a relief to fans, who have been anticipating the film's progress amidst industry-wide disruptions. "The Brave and The Bold" Awaits Script In contrast, "The Brave and The Bold," which will feature Batman and his son Damian Wayne as Robin, is still in the early stages. Gunn confirmed that there is no script yet, debunking any rumored cast lists circulating online. This clarification sets the stage for further development in the coming months. Star-Studded Cast and Release Plans A New Superman and Lois Lane "Superman Legacy" is set to star David Corenswet as the iconic Superman, with Rachel Brosnahan taking on the role of Lois Lane. The film also features Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor and María Gabriela de Faría as The Engineer, adding depth to the cast. Scheduled Release Despite the challenges posed by the strikes, Gunn confirmed that "Superman Legacy" is on track for its planned release date of July 11, 2025. He praised the efforts of the crew, who continued to work diligently through the strikes, ensuring the film's timely progress. Additional Cast Members Other notable actors set to join the "Superman Legacy" cast include Nathan Fillion, Isabela Merced, and Edi Gathegi, promising a diverse and talented ensemble. The Storyline of "Superman Legacy" The film will delve into Superman's journey as he reconciles his Kryptonian heritage with his upbringing as Clark Kent in Smallville, Kansas. Embodying truth, justice, and the American way, Superman's story is guided by human kindness in a world that often views such values as outdated. Casting for "The Brave and The Bold" While casting for "The Brave and The Bold" has not started, Andy Muschietti is set to direct the film. This project promises to bring a fresh perspective to the Batman and Robin dynamic, focusing on the father-son relationship. Conclusion James Gunn's updates on "Superman Legacy" and "The Brave and The Bold" offer a glimpse into the future of the DC Universe. With intriguing plots, a stellar cast, and a commitment to staying on schedule, these projects are shaping up to be defining entries in the superhero genre. Fans can look forward to more developments as these films progress towards their release.
HBO Films is set to bring the tumultuous political career of George Santos to the screen, adapting Mark Chiusano's book "The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos." The project, now in development, will offer a darkly comic and forensic look at Santos' unprecedented congressional race on Long Island. Key Takeaways: HBO Films has optioned Mark Chiusano's book about George Santos for a movie adaptation. The film will be a darkly comic look at Santos' controversial rise to Congress. Frank Rich, executive producer of "Veep," is involved in the project. Mike Makowsky, writer-producer of "Bad Education," will pen the script. The film will explore Santos' journey and the system he exploited. A Story of Deception and Ambition The film promises to delve into the bizarre and controversial rise of George Santos, whose political ascent was built on a web of fabrications. It will chronicle the Long Island congressional race that led to his election and subsequent expulsion from Congress amid allegations of ethics violations, including misuse of donor funds. Creative Minds Behind the Project The adaptation will be shepherded by Frank Rich, known for his work on HBO's Emmy-winning shows "Veep" and "Succession." Mike Makowsky, the writer-producer behind HBO's Emmy winner "Bad Education," is set to write the screenplay. The film is described as a journey of a man who, in a Gatsby-esque fashion, exploited the system and waged war on truth to achieve his version of the American Dream. The Controversy Surrounding Santos Before even being sworn into Congress, Santos attracted widespread attention as revelations about his fabricated resume and background came to light. He faces criminal charges, including wire fraud and identity theft, to which he has pleaded not guilty. Conclusion As HBO Films embarks on this cinematic exploration of George Santos' story, audiences can expect a compelling narrative that examines the complexities of ambition, deception, and the American political landscape. The project underscores the ongoing fascination with political figures whose stories transcend the boundaries of traditional politics.