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Get advice on how to make it in the entertainment industry, find the right tips, guides, and advice auditions to thrive in the TV, film, and modeling industry!

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Looking for a Talent Agent? List of Colorado Talent Agencies

What’s the difference between an aspiring actor and a working actor? Often, just a good agent. While we can’t recommend an agent for you, we can direct you to a list of SAG franchised...
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Tired of Your Talent Agency? Uptown Talent Agency

Since 1987, UPTOWN TALENT has provided clients with professional actors, musicians, models and variety entertainers. From providing actors for TV commercials and feature films, UPTOWN TALENT has the knowledge, experience and resources to make...
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‘Star Wars’ Adam Driver Reveals Amazing Tips for Aspiring Actors

Adam Driver shares amazing acting tips for aspiring actors. Fans of the hit HBO series Girls may remember Adam Driver long before Star Wars. But, it was his role in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, that made Driver...
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“Master and Slave” is the Craziest Acting Class Ever

Master and Slave is the weirdest, strangest and probably harshest acting class you've never heard of. Acting classes are different. They don't have the typical structure of a high school Algebra class but, often have...
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How to Save Money by Shopping at WalMart

Here is how you can save a ton a money by shopping at Walmart Are you looking to save some extra cash? Do you need to buy new head shots, film a demo reel, or...
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Amy Adams Reveals How Becoming a Mother Made Her a Better Actress

Amy Adams stars in the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller Arrival. She plays a language expert who figures out how to communicate with aliens. It is one of actresses biggest roles in a career that ranged from...

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