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Get advice on how to make it in the entertainment industry, find the right tips, guides, and advice auditions to thrive in the TV, film, and modeling industry!

Alejandro González Iñárritu Oscars

Oscars: Nominated Directors Share Their Best Filmmaking Tips

Oscar nominated directors name their favorite movies, filmmaking styles and diversity in Hollywood. In an amazing profile by The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar nominated directors discussed their favorite movies, their filmmaking styles and the lack of...
Project Casting

Festivals Are Now the Best Place to Get Discovered

Festivals are quickly becoming the best place to get discovered. Instagram has quickly become the easiest way to get discovered. Talent agencies, casting directors, producers and directors are constantly using the mobile app to find...
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Looking for a Talent Agency? Check out ‘Coastal Talent’ Agency

Coastal Talent is the premiere talent agency representing professional actors, print talent and screenwriters in the Southeast. Their actors book principal roles in film and television. Our talent can also be seen in industrial...
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Benedict Cumberbatch Shares 3 Amazing Tips Every Actor Needs To Know

Benedict Cumberbatch may be one of the best actors in Hollywood. He has appeared in some of the biggest TV shows and movies including The Imitation Game, Sherlock, and Doctor Strange. Despite all of...
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Student Academy Awards is Now Accepting Submissions!

Want to win an Academy Award? The Student Academy Awards are now accepting submissions. The Academy Awards are finally here. But do you dream of having your movie nominated or actually win an award? Well,...
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Sylvester Stallone Shares AMAZING Acting Advice for Young Actors

Sylvester Stallone shares how his personal struggles and ultimately amazing acting advice for aspiring actors. In a recent interview with Deadline, Sylvester Stallone revealed some intimate details about trying to make it in Hollywood. The actor...

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