Entertainment News'Fallout' Actor Moisés On His Character, Norm MacLean

‘Fallout’ Actor Moisés On His Character, Norm MacLean


Key Takeaways:

– Moisés Arias, who portrays Norm MacLean in the ‘Fallout’ TV series, shares insights about his character and the show.
– Amazon Prime has greenlit the second season of the ‘Fallout’ series on account of its positive reception.
– Arias talks about his preparations for the role and the functional props used on set.
– Norm’s character development and future of the character in the coming season were discussed.
– Arias recalls his ‘Hannah Montana’ attention and how fans of the show appreciate his role in ‘Fallout’.

Amazon Prime’s chart-topping ‘Fallout’ TV series recently confirmed its second season’s release, exciting fans and casual viewers alike. An exclusive interview with Moisés Arias, who plays Norm MacLean, brought attention to the actor’s thrilling experiences on the set and character’s evolution in the series.

Becoming Norm MacLean in ‘Fallout’

Arias revealed how he found out about the character, Norm, and the discussions that followed with the team in New York. He admired the creativity involved in depicting the post-apocalyptic world where humans have been living in vaults for more than 200 years while maintaining the feeling of reality on set, thanks to finely-constructed vaults. Although he had no prior experience playing Fallout, Arias appreciated the iconicity of the Pip-Boy, which was constantly around him.

Props on Set: The Functional Pip-Boy

Asked about the props used on set, Arias mentioned that the Pip-Boy was fully functional except for the touchscreen. The actors could genuinely witness the games they were playing, transfers to different vaults, power levels, and more on it, bringing authenticity to the scenes.

The Intricate Web of Vault 31

As the first season approaches its finale, Arias spoke about Norm’s critical role in unfolding Vault 31’s secret mystery. He hinted that Norm might seek the help of Bud’s Buds to manage his current challenging predicament.

The ‘Hannah Montana’ Connection

Arias didn’t seem surprised about the often-mentioned connection between his ‘Fallout’ performance and his role in the ‘Hannah Montana’ series. He admits that the continued association with the series showcases its popularity and how much it impacted the lives of viewers, many of whom now enjoy his role in ‘Fallout’.

Norm’s Character Arc

Arias discussed how Norm evolved from the first episode to the last. Although shooting out of sequence posed challenges, it allowed him to learn along with the audience. His understanding of his character and reactions to each episode’s cliffhangers facilitated the delivery of a compelling performance.

The On-Set Experience

Working alongside talented actors on the ‘Fallout’ set left a significant impression on Arias. Although he acknowledged the awe-evoking feeling of being part of such a project, he emphasized the importance of focusing on doing a great job at the end of the day.

Arias’ discussion about his role brings a new layer of appreciation for what the ‘Fallout’ series has to offer. Viewers eager to see the growth of his character can catch the first season on Amazon Prime and anticipate the launch of the second season. Besides checking out the full-fledged interview with Arias, viewers are encouraged to explore other gaming and entertainment discussions.

The entire team of ‘Fallout’ and fans across the world are eagerly awaiting the second season, hoping that it packs as much excitement and suspense as the first one. With high-caliber personnel behind and in front of the camera, ‘Fallout’ will likely continue its track record of impressing audiences, becoming a staple in the entertainment landscape.

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