Entertainment NewsTeen Mom's Maci Bookout Faces a $150k Tax Lien (Report)

Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout Faces a $150k Tax Lien (Report)


Key Takeaways:
– Former Teen Mom star, Maci Bookout, confronts a $150k tax lien in 2024.
– Maci has previously had several financial troubles, including owing around $500k to the government.
– Despite financial woes, Maci and ex-partner Ryan Edwards have improved their co-parenting relationship for their son Bentley’s sake.

Financial Hurdles for Maci Bookout

Reality television personality Maci Bookout, widely recognized from MTV show ‘Teen Mom,’ is reportedly collateralizing financially. The mother of three, now married to Taylor McKinney, has unfortunately found herself amidst significant financial struggles involving the government’s tax lien amounting to $150k.

Maci’s relationship with her ex-husband Ryan Edwards, with whom she shares her son Bentley, has been rocky. Yet, both are stepping up to create a harmonious environment for their son. Their recent Easter celebrations even hint at a cordial relationship. Still, Maci’s financial predicaments are becoming more daunting, overshadowing her attempts at a peaceful family life.

Growing Tax Liabilities

Sources reveal that Maci first fell into tax troubles on May 24, 2023, when she received a tax lien worth $14,277. This was followed by another unexpected incidence in 2017 when she, currently a resident of Tennessee, owed the State of California $12,569. This could be seen as a mere addition to her growing list of financial issues. The MTV star also had multiple tax liens in 2012, and in 2011, she reportedly owed IRS $78,308, which got confirmed in 2014.

Back to Square One

Having repaid her previous dues, she seemed to have stabilized financially. However, recent reports indicate otherwise. Maci’s current tax liabilities point towards her owing the government a whopping sum of over $150k in federal taxes. There are two federal liens for the year 2024; one equates to $49,383, listing Maci as the debtor, while the other amounts to $105,346, where Maci and Taylor serve as the debtors. This could potentially push the total to more than a half-million in debt.

The Art of Co-parenting

While financial troubles are a constant backdrop in her life, Maci and Ryan are making a concerted effort to improve their co-parenting relationship. Maci confirmed in an interview that their shared respect for one another has fostered improved communication between them. They now comfortably raise questions and converse amicably, setting an example of matured co-parenting.

In balancing their roles as parents, Maci often shields Bentley from certain parental discussions that he might find distressing, simultaneously ensuring the teenager is involved in discussions about his well-being.

As the world keeps an eye on ‘Teen Mom’ updates, fans hope Maci will overcome her financial difficulties and continue to work towards building a supportive family structure for her children. Cheryl Flores of TV Season and Spoilers have an upcoming piece in which more updates and details about Maci’s situation will be available.



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