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Dennis Quaid Discusses the True Story Behind ‘The Long Game’


Key Takeaways:
– The Long Game, starring , is based on the true story of San Filipe Mustangs.
– The actor highlights the importance of underdog stories in .
– Quaid reveals the formation of a new production company, Bonniedale Productions.
– He seeks to connect with audiences through his roles by conveying strong moral messages.

Renowned actor Dennis Quaid recently opened up about his inspirational new movie ‘The Long Game', which premiered on April 12, 2024. According to an interview with FandomWire, Quaid shared insights into his role and the powerful significance of the movie's narrative.

The Uplifting Story of ‘The Long Game'

The film, adapted from the novel ‘Mustang Miracle', captures the incredible true tale of the San Filipe Mustangs. Set in the racially tense era of the 1950s, the film presents a group of Mexican-American who were instrumental in combating through their passion for . Dennis Quaid features as the coach of the team, Frank Mitchell.

Quaid expressed his focus on taking roles in movies that convey substantive moral messages and motivates . “Underdog stories, I think, I've always been drawn to,” Quaid mentioned. He believes in extending the purpose of movies beyond , aiming to connect emotionally with the audience. As per Quaid, “People go to the movies not to see things. They go to feel things.”

Victorious Against All Odds

The plot of ‘The Long Game' seems unbelievable, yet it is indeed rooted in real events. Overcoming the barriers of racial prejudice, the San Filipe Mustangs emerged victorious, winning the Texas State Championship in their maiden year as a team. “I like true stories because, if they were fiction, you wouldn't believe it.” explained Quaid.

The teenagers worked as caddies on the golf courses but were unable to play due to their racial identity. Unfazed, they built their own golf course in the desert. Quaid expressed, “One hole with several ways to come at it.”

Audience Appreciation and Quaid's New Venture

Audiences have resonated profoundly with the film, and it managed to bag the Narrative Audience Award at the Film Festival in 2023. Quaid hopes his earnest portrayal connects with viewers, stating, “I hope they see themselves”.

In addition to captivating viewers with his skills, Quaid is venturing into the production business. He has started Bonniedale Productions, a new production setup with his wife, Laura Quaid, and Ben Howard. ‘The Long Game' is their maiden venture.

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