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Will Smith Shares The Acting Advice He Would Give His Younger Self (VIDEO)

Will Smith shares acting advice he would give to his younger self In the 90s Will Smith had earned the nickname Mr. July for starring two hit movies that came out around the 4th of...

TikTok is Turning Unknown Talent into Hollywood Superstars

Are you trying to break into the film industry? Try joining TikTok. TikTok currently has 120 million users in the United States, and the video-sharing app is known becoming known as a great way for...
Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen Stayed in Character for Netflix’s ‘The Spy’

Sacha Baron Cohen opens up about how he stayed in character and why he changed from comedy to drama for Netflix's 'The Spy'. It is common for many comedians to move into dramatic acting roles,...

‘When They See Us’ Netflix Casting Director Shares Tips for Aspiring Actors

Netflix casting director, Aisha Coley ('When They See Us'), reveals her tips to landing a role in a Netflix series. Several months ago, Project Casting shared the casting call breakdown for the lead roles in...
Joker Movie Poster

Joaquin Phoenix Reveals His Acting Process for ‘Joker’

Joaquin Phoenix opens up about his 'Joker' acting method. Joker, which Project Casting previously shared casting calls for, has become a cultural phenomenon. The Academy has nominated Joaquin Phoenix three times. While the actor is...
Stunt Double

How to Become a Stunt Double

Stunt Double - learn everything you need to know about stunts in the TV and film industry. If you are looking for more information about getting started in the entertainment industry, check out our other guides here: ...

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