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Get advice on how to make it in the entertainment industry, find the right tips, guides, and advice auditions to thrive in the TV, film, and modeling industry!

Atlanta Talent Agencies

Atlanta Talent Agencies You Should Know

What’s the difference between an aspiring actor and a working actor? Often times it's just a good agent. Georgia's film industry is booming. There are dozens of movies and TV shows filming at one time...

Want to Become a Model? Ford Models Agency Open Calls and More

Ford Models agency is now seeking new talent The Ford Modeling Agency, or as it is known today Ford Models, is a modeling agency in New York City. It was established in 1946 by Eileen and the late Gerard W. Ford. Ford Models...
Cry on Command

How to Cry on Command | Acting Tips to Cry on Command

Learn how to cry on command So, how does someone cry on cue? Well, for some people it's really easy. While for others it can be extremely tough. Essentially, it has to do with tapping...
Acting in Film and TV

Acting in Film and Television: What You Need to Know

Learn what you need to know about being an actor and how to act in film and TV Film and television acting is different than working on commercials and in a theater. Film and television...
Casting Workshops

Casting Workshops and Everything You Need to Know

Casting Workshops - here is everything you need to know. Casting directors are actively looking for talent to work on their TV shows and movies. Casting directors who work on TV shows, in particular, are...
NBC Casting Call

NBCUniversal is Looking for Aspiring Directors

NBC Universal New Mexico Directors Initiative Program is now accepting applicants NBCUniversal is now accepting applications for the New Mexico Directors Initiative Program. Applications opened on February 27th and the program’s mission is to provide...

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Social Media Company is Now Hiring for an Ongoing Acting Job

This social media company is now casting actresses to work on upcoming projects filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and...