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Ryan Reynolds Talks Improvisation Skills and Early Acting Nightmares


Key Takeaways:

– Ryan Reynolds shares the worst acting gig of his career was an early TV show, not the panned Green Lantern
– Reynolds credits this challenging TV role with helping him develop his talent for improvisation.
– Despite criticism, the Canadian actor found the Green Lantern production process enjoyable.
– Reynolds didn’t enjoy watching Green Lantern but embraced the role as part of his acting journey.

When Improvisation Saw Lights: A Ryan Reynolds Tale

World-renowned actor Ryan Reynolds might primarily be known for his successful portrayal of Deadpool. However, it was his ordeal in an early television role that sharpened his acting skills, not his famously criticized Green Lantern performance.

In an interview with Comic Book, Reynolds candidly discussed one of his worst acting experiences, going back to his early days in the industry. At the tender age of 18 or 19, he was cast in a sitcom pilot – a live show with an equally live, and daunting, audience.

Unforgiving Debut: No Lines to Remember

Last-minute script rewrites left the young cast scrambling for their lines, plunging the set into chaos. But it was the fear of falling flat on his face that led Reynolds to discover a hidden talent. In the moments of desperation, he first tested his now-prized improvisation skills, a tactic that saw him survive potentially career-damning humiliation.

Green Lantern Lighting Up Reynolds’ Career

Green Lantern, a DC Comics superhero film, has been widely scrutinized. But Reynolds recalls the filming process with fondness, starkly contrasting his early TV chaos. While Green Lantern put Reynolds under the spotlight of criticism, this big-name role had its fun and enjoyable moments.

Reflected Distaste: Reynolds on Watching Green Lantern

However, his experience viewing Green Lantern was less than pleasant. Even though the filming process had been a highlight, watching the final product induced cringe and regret. Speaking at the Just For Laughs comedy festival, Reynolds didn’t mince words while describing his discomfort. Sitting through the premiere was, for him, an excruciating ordeal he wouldn’t wish to repeat.

Owning the Past, Shaping the Future

These experiences, both the nightmarish sitcom and the criticized Green Lantern, have shaped Reynolds’ career. However, he has been vocally critical of Green Lantern, a movie he made with now-wife Blake Lively. Accepting that it will remain an indelible part of his résumé, Reynolds has learned to shape these past experiences to fuel his growth as an actor.

Redemption in Red: The Triumph with Deadpool

Eventually, Reynolds redeemed his superhero genre acting credit with Deadpool, a 2016 mega-hit. His portrayal of the feisty, foul-mouthed Marvel character silenced critics and reaffirmed his capabilities. The unconventional hero has since become synonymous with Reynolds’ name, overshadowing earlier mishits like Green Lantern.

In conclusion, Ryan Reynolds’ journey is a reminder that even the worst experiences can lead to growth and success. Just as he transformed a bad sitcom into a learning experience, he also used the disappointment of Green Lantern as a stepping stone towards his Deadpool triumph.

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