Need a Monologue? Read and Download Netflix's 'Marriage Story' Screenplay

Scarlett Johannson Marriage Story

Los Angeles, CA - November 05, 2019: Scarlett Johansson attends the Premiere of Netflix's "Marriage Story"at DGA Theater (Editorial credit: Ovidiu Hrubaru /

Are you looking for a Marriage Story’ screenplay.

Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story’ is an exploration of love and how people deal with moving on when a relationship ends. It is arguably one of the best screenplays of 2019, with lots of great acting moments for actors, screenwriters, and filmmakers.

The screenplay is built on two characters starting with both points of view. The screenplay gives an opportunity for people to understand great character development, storyline progression, and conclusions.

Baumbach’s takes us through their lives without pushing the limits. Everything is done with great acting, excellent storytelling, and illustration.

The best scene for a monologue is the big fight. It is an emotional look at what it is like to break down and put yourself together again.

Read and download the Marriage Story screenplay here

Screenplayed created a great video that shows the pages and videos.

The screenplay also shows what makes great actors great. The monologue gives actors the opportunity to flex their acting muscles and let it all come together in post-production. What Baumbach does here is pulling the best performances of amazing actors and allowing them to find their way with the scene using the script.

You can watch Noah Baumbach breaking down his process in the movie below.

About 'Marriage Story:

The movie centers around a stage director and his actor wife who struggle through a difficult, divorce that forces them to their particular and imaginative limits. The movie was announced in November 2017, with the cast joining that later that month. Filming took place in Venice Film Festival on August 29, 2019 and available on Netflix starting December 6. It earned critical acclaim, especially for Baumbach's screenplay and direction, as well as its acting (particularly that of Scarlet Johansson, and Adam Driver. Marriage Story was chosen by the American Film Institute and the National Board of Review as one of the ten best films of the year. At the 77th Golden Globe Awards, the film received a leading six nominations, including Best Motion Picture – Drama. Continue Reading:

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