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Need a Monologue? Read and Download ‘Joker’ Screenplay

Are you looking for a monologue? Read and download Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' screenplay. Are you looking for a monologue? The full screenplay was written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver for ‘Joker’ has been released to the public....
Scarlett Johannson Marriage Story

Need a Monologue? Read and Download Netflix’s ‘Marriage Story’ Screenplay

Are you looking for a monologue? Read and download Netflix’s ‘Marriage Story’ screenplay. Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story’ is an exploration of love and how people deal with moving on when a relationship ends. It...
Project Casting

[WATCH] Casting Directors Reveal What is The Best Monologue for an Audition

Looking for a monologue? Casting directors and acting coaches reveal what is the best monologue for any audition. Monologues are very important. It is the difference between landing a role and never getting a call...

How to Master Your Monologue in 4 Steps

Learn how to perform a monologue better with these 4 easy steps. If a talent agent or casting director is interested in you, he or she may ask you to perform a monologue or give...
Project Casting

Samuel L. Jackson Recites Famous ‘Pulp Fiction’ Monologue 20 Years Later [VIDEO]

Samuel L. Jackson recites 'Pulp Fiction' speech by memory on BBC One's "The Graham Norton Show". After 20 years in Hollywood, Samuel L. Jackson still remembers his famous "Ezekiel 25:17" rant. During an appearance on BBC...
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SNL ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Monologue by Anna Kendrick Was Amazing

Did you watch last Saturday's SNL? Anna Kendrick did an amazing a Beauty and the Beast version of SNL monologue. She is a ball of Broadway energy and after watching the opening monologue, I wish the...

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