Watch the Official Trailer for Live-Action Adaptation of 'Twisted Metal'

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Check out the Official Trailer for the Live-Action Adaptation of 'Twisted Metal.'

Peacock has unveiled the official trailer for its highly anticipated live-action adaptation of 'Twisted Metal,' which was initially announced in 2021. The first glimpse into this cult Sony PlayStation video game adaptation introduces Anthony Mackie as the protagonist John Doe. It captures the source material's unique blend of dark comedy and humor.

Accompanied by the late DMX's iconic track "Party Up (Up In Here)," the trailer sets the stage for the series. "20 years ago, the world went to hell. Cities erected walls to protect themselves and banished criminals to fight over the remnants. But amidst the chaos, ordinary folks like me deliver cargo between walled cities. And that's where the cars and guns come in." Peacock describes the new show as a "high-octane action comedy" that pays homage to the beloved 'Twisted Metal' game franchise.

In addition to a glimpse of co-stars Stephanie Beatriz, Neve Campbell, and Thomas Haden Church, the trailer concludes with a chilling reveal of wrestler Samoa Joe portraying the menacing clown Sweet Tooth, voiced by Will Arnett.

'Twisted Metal' is set to debut exclusively on Peacock on July 27, featuring 10 half-hour episodes of intense entertainment.

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