Entertainment NewsNeon Studio Acquires Julia Ducournau’s Third Film ‘Alpha’

Neon Studio Acquires Julia Ducournau’s Third Film ‘Alpha’


Key Takeaways

• Julia Ducournau has announced her third film, ‘Alpha,’ which is anticipated by hardcore horror fans.
• Indie studio Neon has secured distributing rights for the film.
• Golshifteh Farahani of the Extraction series and Tahar Rahim from Madame Web are set to star in the film.
• The selling firms, Charades and FilmNation Entertainment, have kept the film’s details a closely guarded secret for now.

Horror Enthusiasts Eager for Ducournau’s New Release

Renowned horror film director, Julia Ducournau, plans to astound her audience once more with her third film, ‘Alpha.’ Ducournau, having previously directed nail-biting thrillers like ‘Raw’ and ‘Titane,’ already enjoys a significant fan base among body horror aficionados. Her work on ‘Titane’ marked a monumental achievement, earning her the esteemed Palme d’Or at Cannes, making her the second woman director to clinch this honor.

Neon Studios Secures Distribution Rights

As reported by Deadline, Alpha was offered to potential buyers at the Cannes market event, where the independent studio Neon ended up securing the distribution rights. This announcement comes shortly after the revelation of Golshifteh Farahani from the Extraction sequence and Tahar Rahim from Madame Web taking on the lead roles in the film.

Production Team for Alpha

Making up the production crew of Alpha, we have Jean des Forêts and Amelie Jacquis from Petit Film. In addition, Eric & Nicolas Altmayer from Mandarin & Compagnie together with Frakas Productions have joined as co-producers. Charades and FilmNation Entertainment continue to oversee international sales during the Cannes Film Festival.

Anticipation Surrounds Project Alpha

In a joint statement, FilmNation Entertainment and Charades recently said, “Alpha is Julia’s most personal, profound work yet, and we are looking forward to a global audience discovering the story with as much excitement as we did. We can’t wait to bring the film to market in Cannes and to launch sales together for the first time and collaborate in this way.“ Still, they remained tight-lipped about the plot details, preserving the mystery of Alpha for audiences to discover upon its release.

Ducournau’s Filmography Provides Insight

Considering the lack of detail around Alpha’s narrative, fans are left to speculate based on Ducournau’s previous works. Her debut film, ‘Raw’ followed the story of a strict vegetarian who, craving to fit in during her first week at a veterinary school, deviates from her principles by consuming raw meat for the first time. This decision triggers a chilling chain reaction as her true self begins to surface.

Her second film, ‘Titane’ spun a tale of a dancer, Alexia, who after surviving a car accident in her childhood, lives with a titanium plate in her head. Amidst a spate of mysterious, brutal murders, she encounters Vincent, a firefighter in deep search for his long-lost son. Their paths collide, forever altering their lives.

Final Remarks

If Ducournau’s previous films are any indicator, Alpha promises yet another shocking ride into visceral horror cinema. However, until the debut, the storyline remains a thrilling mystery, leaving eager fans in increasing anticipation. Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing project.

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