Two Movies Pull Out of Georgia Film Industry Over Abortion Law


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Two movies that were expected to film in Georgia have pulled out of the state.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miranda Bailey’s Cold Iron Pictures was set to film a sci-fi romance film “Time Capsule” in Georgia this June. However, the producer has pulled out of the state.

A representative for Bailey told The Hollywood Reporter "she decided to step away from the project because it would shoot in Georgia and she stands by women’s right to choose.”

The movie was set to star “Deadpool” star Brianna Hildebrand and Todd Grinnell set to star in the movie which centers around a jaded politician and his controlling wife on vacation, when they are disrupted by the arrival of his first romance who just returned from a 20-year space voyage.

This is not the only project to back out of filming in Georgia this week. Ilana Glazer spoke with Hasan Minhaj to about the restrictive abortion laws on Netflix’s “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj”. During the conversation, the actresses admitted she was hesitant to discuss the law on social media.  "I'm paralyzed in fear and depression over it," she said. She added that during the conversation she chose not to film an upcoming project in Georgia due to the law.

"It sucks because the people of Atlanta are stoked and hustling, and the city is just groovin' on making so much stuff," she said.

"I was like, 'I don't want to shoot there,'" she continued. "Film and TV is such an advertisement for the city and for the state that it's in and I just don't want to be there and support it, but it sucks because there are people there — 75 percent of the people are down for this. ... So it sucks to punish those people, but I guess you have to make a move to make a statement."

This news comes as several companies and stars have spoken out against the law with some saying they plan to boycott the state, which has a booming film industry, largely in part to its 30% tax incentives.

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