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Pinewood Atlanta Studios Renames To Trilith Studios, Plans Major Expansion

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Pinewood Studios is now

Pinewood Atlanta Studios is the home to some of the biggest , including Avengers: Endgame, and Pinewood Forest, a 200+ acre mixed-use development. Now, the two facilities are joining as one and rebranding as “Trilith.”

According to a press release, the new 935-acre master development includes the studio, which is now called Trilith Studios, business, homes, restaurants, and schools, all aimed at the film industry.

Trilith, which, according to the press release, means “conjures the iconic three-stone structure of Stonehenge, is emblematic of the three pillars of creativity behind it: storytelling, purpose-built places, and emerging technology.”

“A trilith is an appropriate symbol for our new identity as it represents a nod to our U.K. while serving as a metaphor for the three pillars of our vision,” Frank Patterson, president, and CEO of Trilith Studios, LLC, said in the release. “The new Trilith Studios brand signals to the entertainment industry our expansion from a facilities business to an ecosystem intentionally built for the creative industries.”

Patterson and development partners are building more than 220,000 square feet of new spaces on its 700-acre campus. Facilities including a Creative Office Centre designed to host content and tech companies, 60,000 square feet of smart stages with virtual production technology. More recently, the studio developed a LED virtual stage, which is similar to what was used in the making of The Mandalorian.

Last January, the studio started a series of strategic investments in Believe Entertainment Group, known for several hit movies, including the Academy Award-winning Dear and Sutikki, a kids entertainment company known for the preschool TV series Moon and Me.

“Trilith developers aim to connect business with lifestyle through a European-inspired town that serves as the development's cultural center,” according to the release.

Construction started two years ago with plans to create a residence for 5,000 residents in 1,4000 homes, including 600 multi-family homes, which were imagined to help everyone working in the film industry. These homes range from micro-homes, canopy homes, and townhomes, to fully custom-designed -family homes and estates. The town also launched a locally owned Barleygarden Kitchen & Craft Bar, the first of 12 food concepts that will complement the shops to be located in Town Centre, a 270,000 square feet retail development. “We are excited about making a spectacular gathering place where professionals in the creative industries – and anyone who appreciates storytelling and innovation – will feel inspired and at home,” Rob Parker, president of Trilith Development, LLC, said in the release.

The neighborhoods at Trilith house “largest geothermal community in the United States,” with over 50% of the development dedicated to green space, nature trails, forest, parks, and a dog park. “Everything we build is intended to endure and thrive, even 100 years from now,” Parker said.

Also, Trilith developers concentrated on education and wellness. The town is also the home to the Piedmont Wellness Center, a 60,000 square foot fitness facility, a K-12 micro-school called The Forest School, and the University of Georgia's MFA program in Screenwriting program will also reside at the new facility. The Academy, which Georgia's University and the Technical College System created in 2014 to meet the demands of the growing film industry, has the largest campus at Trilith. The Georgia Film Academy Trilith campus has soundstage, workshops, post facilities, and classrooms. It is planned that by 2021, the location will have a 180-room boutique hotel, a 120-room select-service hotel, a nine-screen cinema, and an 18,000 square foot sound stage to host industry and arts-related events in the area.

Trilith developers plan to expand the studios and grow of the town to increase the value for producer of major budget to film in the area.

“We've been producing movies at this amazing Atlanta studio since the day it opened in 2014,” David Grant, VP of Physical Production of Marvel Studios, said in the release. “We look forward to producing more great work at Trilith and expect to benefit from the new world-class facilities, technologies, and expanding business ecosystem.”

It is important to note Pinewood Group Limited recently sold its share in Pinewood Atlanta to Atlanta-based companies, which led to the name change and rebranding. As we previously reported, Pinewood Atlanta Studios president and CEO Frank Patterson said his 700-acre Fayetteville studio is resuming production. Patterson told “Morning Edition” Pinewood should resume production by this Fall.

“Netflix posted significant gains and subscribers this last quarter, + is growing through the roof, and these subscription services are what's entertaining us right now, while we're all locked in,” Patterson said in May.

“Subscribers want to see new shows, and those new shows have been stopped for a couple of months. It's hard to put a dollar figure on what that means.”

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