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Disney Signs Multi-Year Deal to Film with Pinewood Studios

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Walt Disney inks long term deal with Pinewood studios.

The Walt Disney Co. has reportedly landed a deal with outside London to take nearly all their stages, backlots, and other production materials. The arrangement is set to start in 2020.

“It's wonderful to have Disney here at Pinewood,” Paul Golding, chairman of the Pinewood Group Ltd., said in a statement. “They've been making great films with us for many years, and the fact they want to shoot so many more here is testimony not only to the quality of the teams and infrastructure at Pinewood but also to the British as a whole.”

Pinewood Studios has been the home for several James Bond films and the commercially successful “Hobbit” movies. Disney used the facility for their latest “” movies. According to the Times of London, Disney's deal would give the studio almost all of Pinewood, except for a couple of TV studios, for ten years.

The deal with Disney comes after announced a similar agreement with Shepperton Studios, which is also owned by Pinewood Group. Together, Netflix and Disney deals are sure to strengthen Britain's film industry. But, it puts for smaller companies and independent productions from finding studios to film.

Pinewood Studios Exits Atlanta

Since 2010, almost all of the movies with budgets around $100 million filmed at Pinewood Group's studios around the world. The company is expanding in Britain, where production is ramping up. However, in the past two months, Pinewood Group announced they are pulling out of their studio partnerships in Atlanta and Malaysia.

will continue to provide sales and marketing for the Atlanta-based studios for a period of up to 18 months during that time operation will remain branded and operated as a Pinewood facility.

The partners say the deal will not have an impact on productions filming at the studios.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios is a 700-acre facility with 18 sound stages ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 square feet and a backlot of 400 acres. Several major motion pictures have filmed there, taking advantage of the production resources and Georgia's film tax credit. Such movies include Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Homecoming, : Civil War ad .

The financial terms of the deal were not released.

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