The 10 Most Watched TV Shows of 2013

What are the 10 Most Watched TV Shows of 2013?

When you look at the Average total number of viewers, AMC's 'The Walking Dead' received the largest average amount of viewers with nearly 17 million viewers, followed by A&E's Duck Dynasty with nearly 14 million viewers, and the History Channel's The Bible raked in a whopping 13 million viewers on average. Checkout the other 10 ten TV shows in the list below! The Walking Dead

1. AMC’s The Walking Dead” (16.16 million)

Duck Dynasty

2. A&E’s Duck Dynasty (13.37 million)

The Bible

3. History’s The Bible (13.19m)

Breaking Bad

4. AMC’s Breaking Bad (8.48m)

 Rizzoli and Isles

5. TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles (8.33m)

 Sons of Anarchy

6. FX’s Sons of Anarchy (7.09m),

 TNT Major Crimes

7. TNT’s Major Crimes (6.45m)


8. A&E’s Longmire (5.95m)

 American Horror Story Coven

9. FX’s American Horror Story (5.94m)


10. History’s Vikings (5.93m)


What do you think of the 10 most watched TV shows of 2013?