Snoop Dogg Tells Fans to Boycott 'Roots': "I'm sick of this S**T.

Snoop Dogg is calling for his fans to boycott the remake of the slave drama Roots, arguing that he is "sick" of all of the slave dramas.

The remake of the historical miniseries, which is based on Alex Haley's 1976 book, Roots: The Saga of an American Family, premiered on Monday on the U.S. History Channel on Memorial Day, but Snoop Dogg will not be watching the series. IN a video posted on Instagram, Snoop urges filmmakers, producers and actors to create new material about the success of African Americans instead of reminding audiences about their troubled past. "No disrespect but I can't watch no motherf**king black movies where **** get dogged out - 12 Years A Slave, Roots, Underground, I can't watch none of that s**t," he argued. Roots "I'm sick of this s**t. How the f**k they gonna put Roots on on Memorial Day? They just gonna keep beatin' that s**t in our heads in how they did us, huh?" Snoop fumed. "I mean, I don't understand it, man. They just wanna keep showing the abuse that we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago." Snoop Dogg continued, "But guess what? We're taking the same abuse. Think about that part. When y'all gonna make a motherf**king series about the success that black folks was having? The only success we have is Roots and 12 Years A Slave and s**t like that, huh? F**k y'all." Snoop then told his followers to boycott the new Roots TV show. "I ain't watchin' that s**t (sic)," he said. "I advise you motherf**king real n**gas like myself, f**k them television shows. Let's create our own s**t based on today, how we live and how we inspire people today. Black is what's real. F**k that old s**t." This is not the first time Snoop Dogg talked about racial issues in the entertainment industry. Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg called for a boycott of the Oscars over the lack of non-white nominees. Roots features Laurence Fishbourne, Forest Whitaker, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Anna Paquin, Anika Noni Rose, Malachi Kirby, and rapper/actor T.I. The original 1977 series won Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award, and spawned two sequels. The finale is still the third highest-rated U.S. TV show in TV history.

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