Snoop Dogg Supports Actor, Writers Strike

Snoop Dogg

Concord, CA/USA - 8/28/16: Snoop Dogg performs during The High Road tour in California. He is a multiple Grammy Award nominated artist. He has also won Billboard awards, AVN awards, MTV awards. (Sterling Munksgard /

Snoop Dogg Stands in Solidarity with Striking Artists, Demands Fair Streaming Residuals: "Where's the Money?"

Snoop Dogg recently voiced his concerns about streaming residuals and questioned the absence of rightful compensation for writers and actors amidst the ongoing Hollywood strikes. Supporting the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), Snoop Dogg passionately addressed this issue during a gathering at the prestigious Milken Institute.

The rapper expressed his frustration and exclaimed, "The streaming industry needs to get their act together because I can't comprehend how you're supposed to get paid from it." He raised a valid point, asking why artists can amass billions of streams and yet not see a million dollars in their bank accounts. To him, the math doesn't add up, and he demanded answers from those responsible for running the streaming platforms.

Snoop Dogg recalled his early days in the music industry when revenue calculations were more straightforward, primarily based on physical album sales. "If you sold a million copies, that meant 999, $9 million, and you got your fair share according to the percentages," he explained. However, the transition to streaming has brought ambiguity, leaving artists needing clarification about their earnings.

The rapper empathized with fellow artists who achieved massive streaming numbers but failed to reap the financial rewards. He called this the "main gripe" among many creatives in the industry. Unlike traditional box office releases, streaming doesn't guarantee a straightforward paycheck, leaving artists wondering how streaming success translates into monetary compensation.

In a compelling plea, Snoop Dogg urged business leaders in the room to find a resolution to this issue. He emphasized that in the same way, writers are fighting for fair treatment and compensation due to the impact of streaming, artists should be supported too. He highlighted that streaming platforms need to be more transparent in tracking revenue and distributing it to those who deserve it.

The rapper urged for a solution so that future artists don't have to struggle to obtain their rightful earnings. Despite their immense popularity, he shared his concern about artists with millions of streams needing to see a corresponding amount in their pockets.

In conclusion, Snoop Dogg stands firmly with writers and actors in their fight for fair streaming residuals. He called upon the streaming industry to address this issue promptly and ensure that artists are adequately compensated for their creative contributions. With the support of business leaders and stakeholders, Snoop Dogg hopes that a more equitable system will be established, benefiting all artists and ensuring a thriving and sustainable entertainment industry.


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