Casting CallsHow to Get Cast in Disney's 'Moana'

How to Get Cast in Disney’s ‘Moana’


How to get cast in Disney's ‘Moana'.

Disney's ‘Moana' is now casting and hiring actors to work on scenes filmed in Hawaii. Casting directors are now casting and hiring talent.

Disney continues its successful venture of transforming its beloved animated classics into live-action spectacles with the upcoming ‘Moana' remake. Say goodbye to yearning at the ocean's horizon for updates; we bring you the latest news about the much-anticipated live-action transformation of Disney's ‘Moana'.

Disney's Live-Action Renaissance

Disney's recent endeavors have given a fresh dimension to time-honored animated films like ‘The Little Mermaid' starring Halle Bailey, ‘Cruella' with Emma Stone, ‘Mulan', ‘Aladdin', and ‘The Lion King'. The giant has an impressive lineup of live-action remakes in the pipeline, including ‘' featuring Rachel Zegler in 2024, ‘Lilo & Stitch', and ‘Hercules'.

The Birth of Live-Action Moana

The news of Moana's live-action makeover was shared with the world on April 3, 2023, by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who lent his voice to the charismatic demigod Maui in the original animated movie. Johnson took to his social media platforms, sharing a heartwarming announcement video filmed in Oahu, the island he calls home.

“I'm immensely grateful to reveal that we're bringing the captivating story of MOANA to life in a live-action format!” shared Johnson. “This tale represents my culture, symbolizing the grace, mana, and warrior spirit of our people. I'm proud to wear our culture within me, and this unique opportunity to reunite with MAUI, honoring the spirit of my late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, holds deep meaning for me. We're thrilled to collaborate with @DisneyStudios to tell our story through the vibrant expressions of music and , fundamental to our as Polynesians.”

This exciting update comes hot on the heels of significant casting and production progress for the live-action ‘Lilo & Stitch' movie, marking a significant milestone for the Pacific Islander .

Moana's Legacy

Originally launched in November 2016, ‘Moana' featured Auli'i Cravalho as the adventurous teenage protagonist and traced her voyage across the ocean to save her people. Garnering global acclaim and raking in $643 million worldwide, ‘Moana' was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song. Here's everything we know so far about the live-action remake, including casting details, release date, and more.

Release Date of Live-Action Moana

While Dwayne Johnson asserts that Walt Disney Studios and their partners for the film are “still in the early stages” of the development process, with much “more work to be done,” he shared a thrilling update on June 13. The live-action ‘Moana' now has an official release date – and it's less than two years away!

“I am thrilled (and humbled) to reveal our official release date for our live-action @disneystudios MOANA on June 27, 2025,” Johnson wrote. “I consider it a privilege to share our legends, songs, and dance of our Polynesian culture with all of you and your .” So mark your calendars for June 27, 2025 – it's a date with adventure!

How to apply?

To audition for a role in Disney's ‘Moana', check out the casting call breakdown below.

Disney's ‘Moana' Open Casting Call

Disney's ‘Moana' casting call: Calling all male dancers to bring the magic of Polynesian dance to life in Hawaii.

Attention, aspiring dancers! An incredible opportunity awaits you on the picturesque island of Oahu. Disney is holding open casting calls for male dancers to participate in their upcoming production, ‘Moana.' If you have a passion for dancing, a love for the Polynesian culture, and dreams of performing on a grand stage, this is your moment to shine! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with music, dance, and the enchanting world of Disney's ‘Moana.'

Disney is looking for talented male dancers who can captivate audiences with their skill, artistry, and ability to bring the spirit of Polynesian dance to life. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your talent and be a part of a beloved Disney production.

If you successfully impress the casting team during the initial audition, you may be invited for callbacks, which will take place on 19th or July 20th. This is your chance to showcase your dancing abilities further and demonstrate why you are perfect for the ‘Moana' production.

Being a part of Disney's ‘Moana production means immersing in a vibrant world of culture, music, and dance. Inspired by Polynesian traditions and folklore, ‘Moana' tells the empowering story of a young girl who embarks on a daring adventure to save her people and her true identity. By joining the ‘Moana' cast, you'll contribute to the magic that has touched the hearts of millions worldwide.

Disney's ‘Moana' casting call for male dancers on Oahu presents an extraordinary opportunity to be a part of a beloved Disney production. If you're a talented deeply appreciating Polynesian dance, this is your chance to showcase your skills, join an incredible cast, and bring the magic of ‘Moana' to life. Mark your calendars, prepare for an unforgettable experience, and prepare your best moves. Your journey awaits—don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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Disney's ‘MOANA' Casting Call for Male Dancers


We are looking for various DANCING roles that will work multiple weeks later this year on Oahu. Must work locally to Oahu! This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY, and we are so excited to share this.

Must be available for Open Casting Calls on Oahu on July 15th or July 16th and potential callbacks on July 19th or July 20th.

Interested? Apply Now!

Calling all Polynesian instrument dancers: Disney's ‘Moana' casting call in Hawaii.

This could be your chance! Disney is hosting a live-action casting call for traditional Polynesian instrument dancers for ‘Moana.' Read on how you can be a part of this opportunity!

Disney's ‘Moana' captivated audiences worldwide with its stunning animation and heartwarming story. The beloved tale is being brought to life in a live-action adaptation. Disney is seeking talented individuals who can embody the spirit of Polynesia through their instrument playing and dancing.

This casting call explicitly seeks men and women who can play various traditional Polynesian instruments. If you are passionate about music, have experience with Polynesian tools, and can dance to the rhythm, this could be the chance of a lifetime. The casting call will be held locally in Oahu, ensuring that the production stays true to the cultural of Polynesia.

Disney's commitment to authenticity and cultural representation shines through in every production. ‘Moana' was celebrated for its respectful portrayal of Polynesian culture, and this live-action adaptation aims to continue that tradition. Disney strives to bring an authentic and immersive experience to the big screen by seeking talented Polynesian instrument players.

Being a part of a Disney production is a dream for many performers. From enchanting music to dazzling costumes and intricate choreography, Disney movies offer a unique and memorable experience. If you're selected for ‘Moana,' you'll have the opportunity to work alongside talented professionals, learn from experienced directors and choreographers, and contribute to a project that will captivate audiences worldwide.

To ensure you have the best chance of impressing the casting team, it's essential to prepare. Start by brushing up on your Polynesian instrument-playing skills and familiarizing yourself with the music from ‘Moana.' Practice dancing to the rhythm and explore the unique cultural nuances of Polynesian dance styles. Additionally, be ready to showcase your passion, energy, and stage presence during the audition.

Participating in a significant Disney casting call is an exciting opportunity, but it's important to remember that the journey is just as important as the destination. Even if you don't secure a role in ‘Moana,' this experience can be a stepping stone in your artistic career. Embrace the chance to meet fellow performers, expand your network, and learn from industry professionals. Every audition is a chance to grow and improve as an artist.

If you're a talented Polynesian instrument player passionate about music and dance, this Disney casting call for ‘Moana' is tailor-made for you. Seize this incredible opportunity to showcase your skills and be a part of a production that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Polynesia. Start practicing, embrace the journey, and let your talent shine at the casting call. Who knows? You might find yourself on Disney's ‘Moana' magical set!

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Disney's ‘MOANA' Casting Call for Polynesian Instrument Dancers


We are looking for various men and women that can play different traditional Polynesian Instruments to work this fall. Must work locally to Oahu. 

Interested? Apply Now!

You deserve to get discovered. Find more jobs, networking opportunities, and resources on Project Casting.

You deserve to get discovered. Find more jobs, networking opportunities, and resources on Project Casting.

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