Entertainment NewsSharon Stone: I was Blacklisted By Hollywood After 'Basic Instinct'

Sharon Stone: I was Blacklisted By Hollywood After ‘Basic Instinct’


Sharon Stone bashes Hollywood’s pay gap, getting blacklisted, and working as a waitress in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone is an icon in the film industry. Ever since her 1990 sci-fi thriller, Total Recall, she became an internationally recognized actress. She would later star in one of the biggest movies of 1992, Basic Instinct. She would later be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for role in the Martin Scorsese drama Casino. 

But, recently Sharon Stone is fighting Hollywood’s biggest problem, Hollywood’s pay gap and how she was blacklisted for years. “After Basic Instinct, no one wanted to pay me,” Stone told People. “I remember sitting in my kitchen with my manager and just crying and saying I’m not going to work until I get paid.” Sharon Stone says she was still paid way less than male actors even after landing a major acting role.

Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct)
Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct)

Sharon Stone also discussed working as an waitress just to pay the pills, even though she as an A-list actress. “I waited tables and scrubbed floors and everything else on the way up, and you must make the same, and it’s not cool that you don’t. She pointed out how the change “has to start with regular pay, not just for movie stars, but regular pay for the regular woman in the regular job.”

Sharon Stone is currently working on the new TNT series, Agent X, which she is also an executive producer. She spoke with TheWrap, about the switch from movies to TV. “I just think television kind of has more to offer right now,” actress tells TheWrap.

“Good film parts are less and less common, because the studios have less and less grip on how to bring people to film,” she continued. “They’ve used tentpole movies to such a degree that they’ve wiped out their own business. The film industry has kind of wiped itself out.”

The new TNT spy drama features Sharon Stone as Vice President Natalie Maccabee, a woman who pledges to protect the world “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” but she releases that she has to undertake a mission to secretive for the FBI and CIA.

Sharon Stone is just one of several actresses who are calling out Hollywood’s history of paying woman less. Most recently, Hollywood’s highest paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence, blasted Hollywood for making her feel unwanted in an open essay.

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