How Zola's Twitter Story is Transforming Hollywood Forever

Hollywood wants to turn Zola's epic Twitter story into a movie or even a MTV TV series.

A few days ago a twitter user named Zola released a story on Twitter and it quickly went viral in a matter of few hours. Now, Hollywood is banging on her door to turn it into a feature film. If you haven't heard of Zola, then you soon will. On Tuesday, a woman on Twitter wrote an epic story in 150 tweets and within a year the Twitter story will be turned into a big budget feature film. The story of why Zola and "this here bitch" stopped being friends has been deleted from Twitter since going viral overnight, but it still lives on in Storify. But, the story all begins in Hooters. Ultimately, Zola goes to Florida, and what follows is an a mixture between Quentin Tarantino, Tyler Perry, and the X-Files. Long story short, a Hooters waitress goes to Florida with a girl she just met. She finds herself mixed up with prostitution, human trafficking, mental illness, and murder. Zola StoryZola Story 2 Twitter has already started casting the movie calling for Kerry Washington, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ving Rames. But, is this a true story? No...or is it? Currently, Twitter detectives are working on finding out if this story is true. And, earlier this week a user commented on the story leading many people to believe that it's true.Zola Story 3 Either way, Hollywood is banging on Zola's door to produce a feature film. According to TMZ, media outlets like MTV and Vice have expressed their interest in working with Zola on a project based on her Twitter story about murder, sex, and prostitution in Florida. In fact, Zola says she has also been contacted by several "independent filmmakers." Even though Twitter has decided to cast the movie for her. Zola has an idea of who she would like to star in a movie version of her story.
Zola says she’d like her own TV series about her days as a dancer and wants Meagan Good or KeKe Palmer to play her. Zola’s married to the guy from the saga and she’s expecting a kid. She tells us she hasn’t stripped since her wild weekend in March.
A single tweet just made this former dancer one of the most sought after filmmakers in the last ten years.

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