Entertainment NewsNicole Kidman Upholds Pledge to Support Female Filmmakers

Nicole Kidman Upholds Pledge to Support Female Filmmakers


Key Takeaways:

– Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman remains steadfast in her commitment to work with female filmmakers every 18 months.
– Kidman has built a reputation for championing women in the film industry, a promise made after her historic Cannes win.
– Natalie Portman has faced criticism for perceived hypocrisy in her support for female directors.
– Portman’s response to critics highlighted the struggles of supporting and succeeding with female-led projects.

Nicole Kidman’s Continued Support for Women in Film

Back in 2017, the Cannes Film Festival witnessed history with Sofia Coppola, the second woman to win Best Director for “The Beguiled,” starring Nicole Kidman, the “Queen of Cannes.” Deeply moved, Kidman vowed to support female filmmakers, a promise she continues to deliver on even today.

Kidman’s recent endeavour, “Expats,” penned by noted writer Lulu Wang, reinforces her commitment to propelling female filmmakers to the mainstream. Influenced by strong female figures in her life, Kidman emphasizes her comfort and sense of safety working with women.

Natalie Portman’s Misjudged Stand

In contrast, Natalie Portman, former supporter of women in Hollywood, was criticized for her alleged duplicity in 2020. Despite donning a gown adorned with names of snubbed female directors to the 92nd Academy Awards, critics pointed to her paltry collaborations with women directors during her long-standing career.

Portman later addressed this criticism, citing her experience with short films and music videos. Furthermore, she expressed her continuous effort to foster opportunities for female directors despite retrospections.

Both Kidman’s active support and Portman’s controversial positioning reveals the challenges women face in a traditionally male-dominated industry. While Kidman has successfully positioned herself as an ally, Portman’s efforts serve as a reminder that talking is easier than doing.

Portman’s Perspective: The Struggle Behind the Scenes

The “Black Swan” star defended her sparse collaborations with female directors, citing her unmade films as a silent testament to her efforts. Portman noted instances where she helped female directors land projects, only to witness them being forced out due to workplace conditions.

Despite the obstacles, Portman remains hopeful. While her success to elevate women directors has been limited, she remains positive about moving towards a more inclusive future in the film industry.

A Promising Tomorrow for Women in Film

Yet, the journey towards a more balanced Hollywood is an ongoing challenge. Despite initial snubs, deserving filmmakers like Justine Triet and Celine Song earned recognition during the recent Awards season, indicating positive strides in the right direction.

Kidman’s active support reinforces her allegiance to women in film, and even though Portman’s journey differs, both demonstrate the changes required in the industry. As the fight for gender equality presses on, these actresses represent the varying sides of a battle that has been ongoing since Hollywood’s early days.

In summary, Kidman continues to uphold her commitment, actioning her pledge to change the representation of female filmmakers in the industry. As for Portman, her struggle displays the hurdles faced by women and the grit required to champion change in Hollywood. The resolve of these leading women epitomizes the mission towards a more inclusive industry, a pledge Kidman continues to fulfill.

“Expats” is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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