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Netflix’s ‘Ripley’: Is a Second Season Coming Soon?


Key Takeaways:
– Netflix recently released ‘Ripley,' a limited series adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novels.
– Andrew Scott has cautiously hinted at the possibility of more seasons, once he takes a break.
– ‘Ripley' showcases the transformation of Tom Ripley, played by Scottish Andrew Scott, from a con artist to a .
– The series was originally planned for Showtime by Academy Award-winning and director Steven Zaillian, who headed all eight .
– Future seasons are possible as the team has rights to all of Highsmith's Ripley novels.

On-screen Transformation of ‘Mr. Ripley'

Netflix has added a new adaptation to its roster, ‘Ripley,' based on Patricia Highsmith's famous ‘Mr. Ripley' novels, portrayed on screen by Andrew Scott. The character of Tom Ripley – a magnetic yet sociopathic character – has intrigued audiences for decades. This newest incarnation sees him shift from being a con artist to a killer, pulling viewers deeper into his intricately deceptive life.

Possible Return for Second Season

Both Andrew Scott, who plays the lead role, and Steven Zaillian, who penned and directed all eight episodes, have suggested the possible return of ‘Ripley' for future seasons post the much-needed break from a demanding shooting schedule. Speaking to The Wrap, Zaillian admitted, “We have the rights to all the , so we could do it. I'll need a little break but yeah, I think he's a good enough character that you could do more.”

Elusively, Scott also told media, “It's been such a long, long process with this one. I'm just very interested to see how this one goes out. To be honest, after this year, I'm just forward to taking a break.”

Plot Overview

‘Ripley' is set in the early 1960s and revolves around Tom Ripley, a grifter barely surviving in , who gets hired by a wealthy patron to convince his wayward son, Dickie Greenleaf (played by Johnny Flynn), presently in Italy, to return home. The acceptance of the job marks the beginning of a convoluted life of deceit, fraud, and, eventually, murder. Complementing the main characters, Dakota Fanning brings life to Marge Sherwood, an American living in Italy who begins to suspect the grim hidden intentions behind Tom's overt friendliness.

Unique in the ‘Ripley' Franchise

In the history of Ripley's adaptations, no series has had the same star or creative team for all of its sequels. This makes ‘Ripley' rather exceptional, not only as a high-quality series on Netflix but also as a unique entry in the franchise's lineage. Previous portrayals of the controversial character include Alain Delon in ‘Purple Noon' (1960), Dennis Hopper in ‘The American Friend' (1977), John Malkovich in ‘Ripley's Game' (2002), Barry Pepper in ‘Ripley Under Ground'(2005), an episode from the TV series ‘Studio One' (1956), and lastly, the iconic depiction by Matt Damon in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley' (1999).

The ‘Ripley' Production Team

‘Ripley' is a co-production venture between Showtime and Endemol Shine North America, associated with Entertainment 360 and Filmrights. The group includes Steven Zaillian alongside Garrett Basch, Guymon Casady, Ben Forkner, Sharon Levy, and Philipp Keel of Diogenes, with Andrew Scott as a producer.

With the ambiguity around the future of ‘Ripley,' fans are left eager for more seasons. Do share your views on the prospect of the series' return and help keep the Ripley conversation alive.

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