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Legendary Actor Anthony Hopkins to Star as King Herod in the New Biblical Thriller, ‘Mary’


Key Takeaways:

– Oscar-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins, to play King Herod in ‘Mary.'
– Noa Cohen, a budding star, selected to play the titular role after a global casting search.
DJ Caruso, known for ‘Disturbia,' leads the film .
– Apart from ‘Mary,' Hopkins can be seen in the upcoming , ‘Those About to Die.'


According to a recent report by JoBlo, Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins has completed filming for the biblical thriller, ‘Mary,' in Morocco. The seasoned actor, known for his royal portrayals in roles such as King Lear and Odin, adds a new regal character to his repertoire, King Herod.

Hopkins Joins Cast of ‘Mary'

Following the success of his roles in the Prime Original film, ‘King Lear,' and as the former King of Asgard, Odin, in the ‘Thor' series, Hopkins now moves to a biblical setting. His portrayal of King Herod in ‘Mary' not only expands his reel of royal characters but also showcases his versatility as an actor.

The Joining of New

Joining Hopkins in ‘Mary' is newcomer Noa Cohen, playing the central role of the biblical figure Mary. The selection of Cohen came after an extensive worldwide casting search. Her casting holds significance as she hails from a location merely an hour away from Mary's birthplace in Israel. Viewers may recognize Cohen from her roles in the Israeli YA series ‘My Nephew Bentz,' ‘Infinity,' and the 2022 , ‘Silent Game.'

Plot and Other Cast Members

The narrative of the film, as revealed by Deadline, unveils ‘Mary' as a coming-of-age story following the supernatural conception of her child. The plot adds a spine-chilling angle, where King Herod's pursuit of ignites the deadly chase of the newborn, whom he perceives as a threat to his reign. This ignites a storyline with Mary and Joseph, vividly portrayed by Ido Tako, on the desperate run to protect their divine child.

In addition to the main characters, the movie features several other talented actors. Mila Harris plays Young Mary, and Stephanie Nur fills the role of Salome. Other names in the film include Susan Brown (Anna the Prophetess), Ori Pfeffer (Joachim), Hilla Vidor (Anne), Gudmundur Thorvaldsson (Marcellus), along with Dudley O'Shaughnessy, Eamon Farren, Mili Avital, Milo Djurovic, Charley Boon, Kelsie Lewis, and Jade Croot.

The series was helmed under the directorial gaze of DJ Caruso, recognized for his in ‘Disturbia,” ‘Eagle Eye,' and the Vin Diesel starred ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage.'

Hopkins in Additional Upcoming Projects

Alongside his anticipated role in ‘Mary,' Anthony Hopkins can witness his portrayal of Emperor Vespasian in the upcoming Roland Emmerich series, ‘Those About to Die,' set to stream on Peacock.

Emmerich, while announcing ‘Those About to Die,' mentioned his fascination with the of the Roman Empire and how its relevance resonates in contemporary society. He added how the most electrifying spectacles still involve forceful human competitions, which remain unchanged in essence, from gladiator fights to today's car races.

In conclusion, the upcoming biblical thriller ‘Mary' brings together a splendid cast, helmed by Hopkins and Cohen, promising an exciting narrative that merges the biblical era with a thrilling narrative attached to it.


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