Naked Model Takes Over Times Square: "Donald Trump, Where the F*** Are You?"

Former Versace model takes over Times Square screaming "Donald Trump where are you".

Screaming "Donald Trump where are you" a model brought traffic to a standstill on Thursday morning as police tried to calm him down. Witnesses first spotted Krit McClean near the Rockefeller Center before he took off west towards Times Sqaure and climbed to the top of the TKTS booth at Seventh Avenue at about 8 a.m. The 21-year-old man was a former GQ, Versace and Dolce Gabbana model and according to the NYPost, witnesses say he started by screaming at random women before taking off his clothes near the Disney store at West 46th street where he proceeded to take on his special one man show.

Concerned for his safety, the NYPD set up an inflatable airbag below in case the man jumped or fell. An hour after his protest started, Krit dramatically made a run for it and jumped off the platform. Missing the airbag, he was filmed smashing into the pavement below. Police and paramedics rushed to help him and he was taken to hospital where he continues to be treated.

Krit McClean was a Columbia University graduate and his father is a former New York representative of the UN Office of Drude and Crime.

Via NYPost


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