Entertainment NewsMorgan Freeman to Play the Villain in Action-Thriller Film "Gunner"

Morgan Freeman to Play the Villain in Action-Thriller Film “Gunner”


Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman will bring his formidable talents to the villain role in Gunner, an action-packed thriller set for release later this year.

Acclaimed actor Morgan Freeman is set to join forces with rising star Luke Hemsworth in the upcoming movie Gunner. According to Screen Daily, the search for a villain to round out the cast is over – Morgan Freeman has joined as the film’s antagonistic force. Freeman will take on the persona of a notorious kingpin who is in charge of the gang that has abducted Hemsworth’s sons.

Dimitri Logothetis, the director of this film, is delighted to have Morgan Freeman on board. In an interview with Screen Daily, he divulged, “I feel so privileged to have Morgan Freeman in Gunner. One of my all-time favorite and most memorable performances by him is his portrayal of the infamous Thaddeus Bradley in Now You See Me. Freeman is deceivingly complex and perfect for Gunner.”

The production team will depart for Alabama to begin filming this eagerly anticipated movie this spring. Joel Shapiro and Logothetis will spearhead the filmmaking process, while Highland Film Group will lead sales and financing for this cinematic project.

Morgan Freeman’s charisma and talent have earned him immense respect in the industry, with everyone eagerly looking forward to collaborating with him.

Delphine Perrier, Chief Operating Officer of Highland Film Group, was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Freeman once again. She exclaimed, “Working again with such an incomparable talent like Morgan Freeman is fantastic, and we’re thrilled to team up with him for a second time in such a different and exciting role.”

Perrier continued, “Writer Gary Scott Thompson has taken audiences on several thrill rides with The Fast And Furious, and his screenplay for Gunner does not disappoint. And with action maven Dimitri Logothetis at the helm, we’re ready to roll on this high-octane story about a war hero who will do anything to protect his family.”

Here’s a synopsis of Gunner:

“War veteran Colonel Lee Gunner (Luke Hemsworth) takes his two sons on a fishing trip with their uncle Jon to reconnect with them after being at the battlefront for so long. The trip turns awry when Jon stumbles over a tripwire and sets off an explosion, alerting a gang of violent bikers amid a massive drug operation. Not anticipating Gunner’s elite combat skills, the gang members are taken out individually. The boys try to escape for help but end up right in the arms of Dobbs, the son of kingpin Kendric Ryker (Morgan Freeman), who runs the organization from prison. With no one but himself to retaliate, an enraged Gunner wreaks havoc to rescue his two sons until he gets to the top and confronts Ryker. You don’t cross Gunner.”

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