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June Diane Raphael Set to Star in Zach Cregger’s Horror Project ‘Weapons’

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Key takeaways:

– Netflix's ‘Grace and Frankie' star, June Diane Raphael, will feature in two forthcoming projects: a reimagining of ‘Bewitched' and an enigmatic horror film, ‘Weapons.'
– Raphael will star in ‘Weapons' alongside an impressive ensemble cast, including and Julia Garner, among others.
– The storyline of ‘Weapons' remains largely confidential; however, it is set to be a multi-story horror epic reminiscent of Paul Thomas Anderson's ‘Magnolia'.
, after winning the bidding war for ‘Weapons,' plans to release the film on January 16, 2026.

‘Weapons': Star-Studded Cast Revealed

June Diane Raphael, an renowned for her role in Netflix's ‘Grace and Frankie,' is set to make her mark in the realm of horror. Sony Pictures Television recently disclosed that she would feature in a fresh interpretation of the classic TV series ‘Bewitched.' In addition to this, Raphael has been cast in the horror film ‘Weapons,' directed by Zach Cregger, known for his work on ‘Barbarian.'

While details about Raphael's role in ‘Weapons' remain under wraps, the film boasts a stellar lineup. Notable such as Josh Brolin of ‘No Country for Old Men,' Julia Garner of ‘Ozark,' Benedict Wong from ‘,' and Abrams from ‘Euphoria' will grace the screen.

Pedro Pascal ‘The Last of Us' fame was originally on board for ‘Weapons.' However, his commitment to 's ‘' reboot led to his exit, with ‘The Worst Person in the World' star Renate Reinsve following suit.

Mysterious Plot Unveiled

‘Weapons” remains shrouded in mystery. The film is touted as an “interrelated, multistory horror epic” with tonal similarities to Paul Thomas Anderson's ‘Magnolia.' According to The Hollywood Reporter, the storyline revolves around the disappearance of students in a small town.

The Multifaceted Zach Cregger

Zach Cregger, known for his work in ‘Barbarian,' wears many hats in ‘Weapons.' He not only penned the screenplay but also holds the reins as the . In collaboration with Roy Lee and Miri Yoon of Vertigo and J.D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules of BoulderLight Pictures, Cregger also plays a pivotal role in the film's production.

New Line Cinema's Triumph and Future Plans

Last year witnessed New Line Cinema successfully winning a bidding war over ‘Weapons' against other industry giants. They intend to release the anticipated film theatrically on January 16, 2026.

New Line Cinema compensated Cregger with an eight-figure sum to produce the film. Upon winning the rights, New Line's president and CCO Richard Brener shared his immense satisfaction with the acquisition and praised Cregger's empathy for audiences and his filmmaking prowess.

In addition to ‘Weapons,' New Line Cinema signed a first-look deal with BoulderLight Pictures. The production company is tasked with the development of high-concept genre projects for New Line. They also gave the green light to the sci-fi thriller ‘Companion,' produced by BoulderLight and Cregger, set to hit theaters a year ahead of ‘Weapons.'

As anticipation builds for ‘Weapons,' film enthusiasts eagerly await further details on Raphael's role and the movie's intriguing plot.



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