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Tom Savini Lends Acting Talents to Highly Anticipated ‘Terrifier 3’

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Key Takeaways:
– Horror icon Tom Savini confirmed to appear in ‘ 3'.
– ‘Terrifier 3' slated to release in North American theaters on October 11.
– The set to revert to the tone of the original , with a focus on horror.
Damien Leone discloses significantly larger budget for the third instalment.
– Cast details revealed, including returns and new appearances alongside Savini.

Acclaimed special effects artist and actor, Tom Savini, famed for his contributions to iconic horror like ‘Friday the 13th' and ‘Dawn of the Dead' among others, is reported to be featuring in the upcoming slasher sequel, ‘Terrifier 3'. According to Bloody Disgusting, Savini is the latest addition to the cast of writer/director Damien Leone's third instalment.

Savini's Role Yet to be Revealed

Specific details regarding the role Savini will be undertaking in the supernatural sequel are currently withheld. Savini is a celebrated figure in the horror genre, having infused classics with terrifyingly realistic gore. His expertise both behind the scenes and on-camera likely promise an enriching addition to ‘Terrifier 3'.

Familiar Faces and Newcomers in the Cast

Joining Savini in ‘Terrifier 3' are a host of familiar faces and exciting newcomers. David Howard Thornton reprises his role as the terrifying Art the Clown, first introduced in Leone's 2013 anthology ‘All Hallows' Eve'. Lauren LaVera returns as ‘Terrifier 2' heroine Sienna, while Elliot Fullam resumes his portrayal of Sienna's brother Jonathan. Samantha Scaffidi makes a comeback as Victoria Heyes, a character from both ‘Terrifier' films. A surprising addition, Daniel Roebuck, has been casted as Santa Claus.

Leone Returns to Original Tones

Fans of the ‘Terrifier' series can expect a return to its original , as Leone turns his vision towards reviving the tone of the first film. Despite the success of ‘Terrifier 2', which grossed $15.1 million at the , Leone is keen to revisit the scarier, gorier elements that set the series on its path. The third sequel will dial down the fantasy element seen in the second film and keep its run time under two hours.

Expectations from ‘Terrifier 3'

‘Terrifier 3' is set to be released in North American theatres on October 11, promising a spine-chilling experience for the fans. While the film promises a higher dose of horror, Leone affirms any concerns that it might conclude the franchise. The film's plot promises chaos and horror as Art the Clown wreaks havoc on the peaceful community of Miles County on Eve. And with a substantially larger budget of “a couple million”, Leone is set to make the third instalment bigger terrifying.

Anticipation Surrounding ‘Terrifier 3'

The news of Savini's involvement in ‘Terrifier 3' has added to the rising anticipation surrounding the upcoming sequel. His legendary status in the genre and his unique acting abilities are assets that will bring a fresh edge to the much-anticipated horror film. Whether he will act in a supporting role or play a significant character is yet to be revealed; either way, fans eagerly anticipate his contribution to the film.

To conclude, the news of Tom Savini joining the ‘Terrifier 3' cast adds an extra layer of intrigue to this already eagerly anticipated sequel. Fans can't wait to see how Savini's unique blend of horror expertise will compliment Leone's vision in the third instalment of the series.



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