Entertainment NewsJohn Wick 3’s Realistic Underwater Stunt Showcases John Wick's Filmmaking Approach

John Wick 3’s Realistic Underwater Stunt Showcases John Wick’s Filmmaking Approach


Key Takeaways:

– Keanu Reeves’ performance had made John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum the top-grossing movie in the franchise.
– The film tilts towards realistic filmmaking, with Reeves performing 90% of his stunts.
– An underwater fight scene in John Wick 3 underscored the depth of the filmmaker’s realism and research.
– Director Chad Stahelski expanded an underwater gunfight from a single line in the script to an elaborate scene.
– The film garnered $327.7 million worldwide, making it the franchise’s top-grossing film.

The Impact of Realism in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Keanu Reeves’ John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum defied stereotypes with its unwavering commitment to realism in action sequences. As Reeves’ signature movie franchise, the film took an impressive stride by becoming the top-grossing movie in the series. Thanks to director Chad Stahelski’s realistic filmmaking approach, an intricate underwater fight scene of the film became a testament to the untapped potential of the franchise.

John Wick’s Underwater Stunt Takes Realism to New Heights

Reeves’ character John Wick is more than a typical action hero. Bringing a unique touch of realism to the franchise, he and the filmmakers went to great lengths to create realistic fight environments. With proper martial arts training, Reeves performed a majority, around 90% of his stunts adding authenticity to the film’s action sequences.

As an example of the director’s precision, an underwater fight scene in the third instalment reveals Stahelski’s attention to details. The scene shows Wick and another character, an assassin, diving into a pool during a fight scene. While underwater, the assassin aims his pistol at Wick, trying to shoot him at three-foot distance. However, adhering to real-life physics, the bullet veers off its trajectory mid-way due to the water density.

Chad Stahelski’s Commitment to Authentic Filmmaking

This scene proves that director Stahelski conducted comprehensive research on hydraulics and underwater gunfights, ensuring a realistic representation instead of relying on Hollywood magic. Stahelski’s take on the stunt dismissed the idea of bullets continuing their trajectory underwater as they would do in air, a fact often unknowingly misrepresented by mainstream directors.

In addition, the fight scene carefully maintained its authenticity by demonstrating the correct way to use a firearm underwater. When the assassin attempts to reload, Wick overpowers him, placing the weapon against the assailant’s neck and firing, a real-life shooting technique in such a scenario.

An Elaborate Scene Conceived from a Line in the Script

According to writer Shay Hatten, Stahelski managed to conceive the elaborate underwater scene from just one line in the script that mentioned an underwater gunfight in the final fight scene. The director expanded this brief scene into a visually stunning, slow-motion underwater fight, further cementing Stahelski’s visionary abilities.

The overwhelming response to the realistic action sequences and aesthetic appeal of John Wick: Chapter 3 culminated in the film’s worldwide grossing, recording $327.7 million. The third film soon rose to become the franchise’s top-grossing movie soon after, only to be surpassed by the fourth movie in the series.

Fans still await confirmation regarding Keanu Reeves’ return to the franchise, whose thrilling action sequences and unabashed authenticity have evidently elevated its status among other action movie franchises. In the meantime, those yearning to revive the experience can enjoy John Wick: Chapter 3 now streaming on Apple TV+ and Peacock.

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