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James Gunn Moved to Tears on the Crew’s Final Day on Set of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’


Key Takeaways:

– Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, directed by James Gunn, is considered among the best superhero trilogies.
– An emotional final day led to tears from both director James Gunn and lead actor Chris Pratt.
– James Gunn teased Pratt about his emotional speech, which addressed the initial skepticism towards the film franchise.
– Publicly supportive of his director, Chris Pratt expressed joy when Disney rehired James Gunn after a controversy around old tweets.
– The desire for future collaborations between the Guardians cast and Gunn remains, as the director takes charge of DCU.

From Doubted Outsiders to Superhero Elite

Announced in 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy led many to predict a flop for Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) due to the unknown nature of the intellectual property — barring Zoë Saldana, no one from the original cast held an A-list status. Despite a rocky start, James Gunn’s vision, dedication and deft directorial skills molded Guardians of the Galaxy into a highly successful superhero trilogy.

Today, this trilogy stands tall among the giants, with its final installment drawing commendation as MCU’s best post-Infinity War. As impactful as the films themselves, the emotionally intense closure on set moved the director to tears.

An Emotional Wrap Up

The final day of filming Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was heavy with poignant emotions. The trilogy’s end marked the farewell of the crew, with director Gunn ready to helm the cinematic universe elsewhere. The challenging day saw faces washed in nostalgia and sadness — especially lead actor Chris Pratt’s.

In a conversation with Michael Rosenbaum, Gunn fervently recounted the scene of Pratt tearing up as he delivered a heartfelt wrap-up speech. Pratt reflected on the initial disbelief towards the franchise’s potential and how they strived to defy the pessimistic forecasts — a stark reminder of the film’s triumphant journey against all odds.

Gunn admitted of succumbing to tears during the poignant moment, despite his playful jibe at Pratt. Saldana’s speech, which moved Gunn further, got a playful reaction from the director who joked about Pratt becoming jealous.

Support in Tough Times

James Gunn, the acclaimed filmmaker, hit a rough patch when his old tweets stirred controversy, leading to his firing from Disney. He believed his career was on shaky grounds. Amid his turmoil, the Guardians stars stood by him, lending their relentless support.

When Disney reinstated Gunn in the fold for Guardians 3, following his widely successful venture into The Suicide Squad, nobody could be happier than Chris Pratt. Pratt, in his People interview, expressed his thrill and happiness, commending Disney’s decision to rehire Gunn and eagerly anticipated the trilogy’s wrap up in the best possible manner that fans deserved.

Hope for Future Collaboration

Now with Gunn at the helm of DCU, fans are abuzz with hope for the Guardians’ reunion with the director. This anticipation stems from the past association which saw their superhero saga shape into a resounding success. Their journey from being an unknown entity to becoming global sensations illustrates what cohesive teamwork and visionary direction can achieve in the face of initial skepticism.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is currently streaming on Disney Plus. From Gunn’s revelation, it is clear that the final installment of this beloved trilogy was produced with not just creative dedication but also heartfelt emotions and deep-rooted camaraderie.

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