Hollywood Stars Don't Guarantee Hit TV Shows

Hollywood Stars Don't Guarantee Hit TV Shows - Halle Berry's 'Extant' in trouble after dismal summer.

CBS's expensive TV series, Extant, starring Halle Berry has had a very lackluster summer. The Steven Spielberg TV series has not lived up to expectations and it should cause Hollywood to reconsider casting big names for TV series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ratings for 'Extant' have been way below expectations. While, lower budget TV series such as 'Taxi Brooklyn' have been far more successful in comparison. When you have a big name attached to a major television series, the show becomes more expensive. Now, Extant's future is  unclear, and it looks as though CBS will pull the plug on the sci-fi drama. Nowadays, the actors playing lead roles have less of an impact on how well a movie or TV show will do than you think. A study was published that demonstrated only three actors have the ability to increase box office earnings.   Halle Berry Extant Facebook
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However, Hollywood tends to promote certain A-List actors in big budget productions, despite the actors have no financial impact in the movie or TV show. At the end of the day, unless you are Brad Pitt, Will Smith, or Johnny Depp most people could care less who is starring in a TV show or movie. But, what does matter is the quality and content of the production, not the name of the actor. With HBO's 'True Detective' heading into season 2, there are many reports that certain A-List movie actors are going to be attached to the TV series. However, if Halle Berry's run-in with TV demonstrates anything, HBO should concentrate on producing a quality TV show first and then look into hiring the appropriate actor for the job.

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