New CDC Recommendation Could Change Filming Schedules For At Least Eight Weeks

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New CDC recommendations could alter filming schedules for eight weeks.

Filmmaking across the country is currently on hiatus as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread around the world.

The CDC issued a recommendation, which could become a mandate that all gather over 50 people should be canceled or postponed for the next eight weeks,  which would mean into at least mid-May. That would almost assuredly include TV show and movie productions, where even a barebones staff would consist of very few crew operators, crew workers, and producers on a set.

Beyond the following CDC guidelines, productions will have trouble starting production until they can be sure every person on set is not carrying the virus - along with making up artists, grips, background extras, and other essential staff. Given the lack of testing currently available to the public, it seems it would be a difficult task to complete within the next eight weeks.

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As such, many TV shows and movies have put their projects on an indefinite hiatus.

There are still obstacles to clear; again, it seems nearly impossible for production to restart production without negative tests for everyone. Many hope warm weather will slow the spread of the virus. Still, given how infectious the disease it is hard to tell how it will impact the world — compounded with the fact many are not abiding by social distancing rules, every day raises the exponential growth and spread of the virus.

Filmmakers, actors, and crew members should expect a more prolonged hiatus than 30 days or even the eight-week suggest by the CDC, as it appears optimistic. To assist productions in returning to filming, people can practice social distancing, abide by all recommended best practices, and complete testing, to stop the spread of the virus. Hopefully, this will bring things under control.

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