Entertainment NewsBryan Cranston Eyed for a Perfect Role in "Invincible", Will He Join

Bryan Cranston Eyed for a Perfect Role in “Invincible”, Will He Join


Acclaimed actor , known for his roles in Breaking Bad and , has made a name for himself as one of 's most talented and versatile stars. While his on-screen performances as Walter White and Hal have earned him widespread recognition, Cranston has also developed a reputation as a sought-after . Recently, Robert Kirkman, the creator of Amazon's Invincible, expressed his desire to enlist Cranston's talent for the show's upcoming second season.

Key Takeaways:

– Robert Kirkman, creator of Invincible, has been actively trying to bring Bryan Cranston on board for the show's second season.
– Despite Kirkman's persistent effort, Cranston has declined the offers, citing a busy schedule.
– While the specific role offered to Cranston has not been publicly defined, it is speculated that he would be a fit for the character of Thragg, the Grand Regent of the Viltrum Empire.
– Known for his versatility, Bryan Cranston has vast experience in both physical acting and voice roles.

The creator's desire and Cranston's Refusal

From dubbing cartoons and animes during his early days to bringing iconic characters to life, Cranston's magnetic voice has not gone unnoticed. Robert Kirkman, the driving force behind Invincible, has been explicitly ardent in his pursuit to secure Cranston's participation in the show's forthcoming season.

However, amid the enthusiasm from the show's creator, Bryan Cranston has turned down Kirkman's proposal. The actor, despite acknowledging the nature of the opportunity, cited his bustling schedule as the primary reason for his refusal.

Star-Studded Lineup and Future Casting Hopes

In Invincible's second season, a stellar ensemble has been assembled, featuring actors such as Ben Schwartz (Sonic the Hedgehog) and Rhea Seehorn (Monster High). The news of this casting was shared by Kirkman during the Comic-Con last year.

Despite the successful formation of an impressive cast, Kirkman did not hide his disappointment regarding Cranston's absence. Hopes are high that the Breaking Bad actor's timetable may permit him to accept a role in future seasons of Invincible.

Bryan Cranston's Potentially Perfect Role

Although Kirkman did not mention the specific role presented to Cranston, speculation suggests that the part of Thragg could be the perfect fit for the actor. Thragg, being the Grand Regent of the Viltrum Empire, is a ruthless and powerful antagonist in the story of Invincible. Given Cranston's proven knack for playing compelling villains, he could easily capture the essence of this complex character.

Cranston's Wish for Future Roles

Bryan Cranston has shared his desire for future roles that challenge him as an actor. He wishes to play antagonistic characters that pose a formidable battle for the hero, adding a layer of complexity and interest to the narrative. His personal aspirations line up perfectly with the speculated role of Thragg, reiterating what a great addition he would be to the .

In Conclusion

With Kirkman's persistent pursuit and Cranston's demonstrated versatility, both the showrunner and the remain hopeful to see the much-loved actor joining the Invincible cast down the line. Given his enduring popularity and well-respected talent, Bryan Cranston's potential involvement in the series would be a noteworthy addition to his already illustrious career. Only time will tell if this casting dream will materialize or remain a wishful aspiration.

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